Published on November 16, 2023, 8:00 pm

OVHcloud, a prominent cloud infrastructure provider, has recently announced the launch of its second data centre in Singapore. This new data centre is not only a significant milestone for OVHcloud but also marks the most sustainable data centre in the Asia-Pacific region to date.

Singapore, as a leading digital capital in the Asia-Pacific, has implemented stricter criteria for new data centres to address concerns over carbon emissions. OVHcloud’s latest data centre aligns with these sustainability efforts by incorporating advanced water cooling technology and implementing sustainability metrics with higher server density.

Michel Paulin, Chief Executive Officer at OVHcloud, highlighted the importance of sustainable data centres in Singapore. He emphasized that such data centres play a crucial role in reducing the overall carbon footprint of digitalization while supporting emerging technologies like Generative AI. By providing sustainable infrastructure, OVHcloud aims to help Singapore maintain its position as a leading digital innovation hub.

The newly-launched data centre boasts enhanced compute and storage capabilities, enabling OVHcloud to deliver high-performance and sustainable cloud solutions to customers in Singapore and the wider region. These solutions are designed to offer optimized and predictable performance-price ratios that support organizations’ digital ambitions.

Terry Maiolo, Vice President and General Manager at APAC, OVHcloud underscored the importance of providing customers with a secure ecosystem. As organizations embrace the cloud, it is crucial they have confidence in harnessing its potential while maintaining control over their data. OVHcloud’s robust infrastructure ensures that customers can entrust their sensitive information within the framework of Asia’s dynamic and evolving regulatory landscape.

By expanding their presence in Singapore with this eco-friendly data centre, OVHcloud reinforces its commitment to sustainability while meeting growing customer demands for reliable and efficient cloud services. This development contributes towards fostering an environmentally conscious approach to digital transformation throughout the region.

In conclusion, OVHcloud’s launch of its second data centre in Singapore represents a significant achievement for both the company and the sustainability efforts in the Asia-Pacific region. By providing high-performance and sustainable cloud solutions, OVHcloud aims to support Singapore’s digital innovation ecosystem while championing the cause of reducing carbon emissions.


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