Published on November 16, 2023, 4:10 pm

Lendlease Digital, in collaboration with Accenture and Google Cloud, has introduced Podium Property Insights in Asia. This software platform is designed to optimize space utilization and cost savings in buildings while also assisting workplace managers and real estate owners in enhancing employee experience.

Targeting large-scale enterprises, government agencies, and portfolios, Podium Property Insights enables users to view, analyze, and predict future requirements while extracting value from specific data at a portfolio, building, and team level.

The platform is currently being piloted in select locations including Accenture’s Singapore office and the C-suites flexible workspace at Paya Lebar Quarter. Amit Bansal, Managing Director for Applied Intelligence Execution and Data-led Transformation for Growth Markets at Accenture, expressed the need for strategies that cater to new hybrid work models. He emphasized how Lendlease’s platform provides valuable insights to inform these workplace strategies.

One of the key features of Podium Property Insights is its ability to create personalized insights and recommended actions to facilitate future workspace decisions and improve employee satisfaction. The platform supports 20 metrics related to employee satisfaction, space utilization, health & safety, and sustainability. Unlike sensor-based solutions, Podium Property Insights combines sensor data with surveys to provide comprehensive insights at an individual team level and offers forward-looking forecasts.

By consolidating business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and operational intelligence through data collection via sensors and surveys, the platform empowers users with valuable insights that lead to cost efficiency improvements, increased employee engagement, and enhanced workplace productivity.

Accessible through the Google Cloud Marketplace, Podium Property Insights aims to promote safer and healthier buildings by leveraging real-time data analytics for tracking purposes. It also provides predictive recommendations that can decrease employee complaints by up to 30% while boosting workplace productivity by up to 12%.

During the pilot phase of the rollout of Podium Property Insights, teams have made simple yet impactful changes such as replacing high-chairs with standard chairs or reevaluating space requirements to better suit unique team preferences for collaboration.

The combination of AI and practical tools enables workplace teams to meet the evolving needs of employees. By correlating building data with employee data, Podium Property Insights helps optimize space utilization and reduce carbon footprints.

Workplace managers can leverage the platform’s capabilities to identify underutilized floors, meeting rooms, and areas with low engagement in order to create an optimal space usage model that fosters a thriving office environment. Additionally, building owners can monitor air quality, temperature, acoustics, and electricity intensity per occupant, contributing to more efficient resource allocation.

Podium Property Insights is committed to continuous improvement by incorporating additional data sources and metrics based on user feedback. Moreover, it encourages industry collaboration and co-innovation while supporting the entire real estate value chain.

In light of the ongoing pandemic and the need for adaptability in an ever-changing environment, Podium Property Insights plays a crucial role in promoting safer workplaces through real-time data tracking and actionable recommendations.

With its focus on driving workplace transformation and addressing the evolving needs of today’s businesses, Podium Property Insights is poised to revolutionize workspaces and facilitate growth in employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Source: FutureCIO


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