Published on November 9, 2023, 6:04 am

Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) has recently made a significant upgrade by migrating to Oracle Database 19c. This move was aimed at enhancing the performance and efficiency of its core Integrated Regional Information System (IRIS-4) – a mission-critical system for the company.

By shifting to Oracle Database 19c, OOCL will be able to leverage an increased amount of data, leading to improved performance and higher levels of efficiency. Moreover, this upgrade will enable the company to ensure security without interrupting the flow of shipments by allowing seamless patching.

In light of the challenges faced by the logistics services industry during the ongoing pandemic, upgrading software is crucial for ensuring smooth operations. The global workforce has been affected by port congestion and disruptions in the supply chain, highlighting the significance of reliable customer-centric data management providers like Oracle. Yu Wu, Chief Information Officer at OOCL, emphasized the importance of keeping up with technology advancements in order to address these challenges effectively.

OOCL is renowned as one of the world’s most extensive integrated container transportation and logistics corporations. In order to maintain a competitive edge, it is vital for them to adopt innovative features. Migrating to Oracle Database 19c helps minimize operational risks and costs while reducing workload for their IT team. This transition also allows OOCL to allocate more resources towards value-added activities, thereby further improving business resilience.

The decision to upgrade was driven by OOCL’s positive experience with Oracle technology as a long-standing customer of Oracle Database and Exadata Database Service. This familiarity with Oracle solutions played a critical role in their decision-making process.

Patrick Lo, Vice President and Geography Managing Director (Hong Kong & Taiwan) at Oracle, highlighted that data is an invaluable asset for businesses across industries – including shipping companies like OOCL. He commended OOCL’s progressive mindset and their drive to keep pace with customers’ needs, which has positioned them as industry leaders over the years. With Oracle Database 19c, OOCL will gain access to additional data that will further enhance performance and efficiency. Moreover, the continuous patching without disrupting shipment flow ensures a high level of security.

Oracle Database 19c is the current long-term release and offers the highest stability along with an extended support lifespan for bug fixes. This latest version makes it easier and cost-effective to run transactional and analytical workloads on-premises, in the cloud, or even in a hybrid cloud environment.

By embracing Oracle Database 19c, OOCL has taken a significant step towards optimizing its operations and staying ahead in the ever-evolving logistics industry. The upgrade not only provides improved performance and efficiency but also enables seamless security maintenance – factors that will undoubtedly contribute to continued success for OOCL in the future.


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