Published on October 19, 2023, 3:14 pm

TL;DR: The article discusses the highlights of Community Summit 2023, an event focusing on AI and cloud applications, particularly Dynamics 365 and generative AI. The convergence of various technologies is a major theme at the conference, with Microsoft representatives present. Attendees have the opportunity to network, attend informative sessions, and share insights from their experiences in transitioning to the cloud. Expo time and receptions provide further networking opportunities with exhibitors and user groups. For more details, read the full article "On Location at Community Summit: Generative AI, Cloud, and Microsoft Sessions Resonate".

I am currently at Community Summit 2023, an event that showcases the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud applications, with a particular focus on Dynamics 365 and generative AI.

One of the highlights of this conference is the convergence of various AI and cloud application technologies. Specifically, I am involved in two significant areas: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management, as well as generative AI. It is exciting to see how these technologies are brought together at this event (source).

The presence of Microsoft representatives is unprecedented at this year’s summit. Additionally, there are informative sessions conducted by partners and customers themselves. I will be delivering a talk where I will share the lessons my company has learned during our transition from on-premises Dynamics 365 to the cloud (source).

Attending this event has provided me with the opportunity to network with professionals whom I have previously only connected with on LinkedIn. Moreover, it has allowed me to make new friends and acquaintances while reconnecting with individuals I haven’t seen in years. It’s also been valuable to engage with other customers who may be facing challenges during their implementation process (source).

The expo time and receptions have offered great opportunities for networking and getting to know people from various user groups as well as the exhibitors attending the Summit (source).

To find out more about generative AI, cloud applications, and Microsoft sessions at Community Summit, you can read the full article here: “On Location at Community Summit: Generative AI, Cloud, and Microsoft Sessions Resonate” (source).


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