Published on November 9, 2023, 6:49 am

Nitori Group, Japan’s largest furniture and home-furnishing retail chain, has set ambitious goals for its global expansion. The company envisions having 3,000 stores and sales of 1 trillion yen by 2032. To support this massive scale, Nitori Group has been actively investing in cloud-native technologies such as microservices and containerization.

By leveraging these cutting-edge cloud computing solutions, Nitori Group aims to promote the use of cloud computing throughout their operations. Their commitment to embracing cloud-native technologies will enable them to enhance the scale and scope of their business expansion plans.

Nitori Group has developed a unique business model called “manufacturing distribution IT-retailing.” This model integrates product planning, manufacturing, distribution, and sales processes. As a result, Nitori Group is able to offer products and services that are not only affordable and of high quality but also deliver unexpected delights and coordination possibilities for customers.

To further advance their digital operations in a scalable, adaptable, and agile manner within a cloud environment, Nitori Group has selected Talend Data Fabric as their partner. Talend Data Fabric will assist in moving and managing health data efficiently while ensuring security.

The project involved significant changes in multiple databases and internal data structures and was successfully completed within two weeks. The smooth implementation experience solidified Nitori Group’s determination to rely on Talend’s solution for all future data migrations.

Talend will empower Nitori Group to rapidly develop data integration processes between systems. This capability is critical for maintaining the productivity and quality of supply systems across various customer touchpoints such as store sales, e-commerce sites, mobile applications, as well as providing microservices in the cloud.

By modernizing its data environment through Talend’s robust solution, Nitori Group can achieve enhanced operational efficiency while delivering seamless experiences to its customers.

In conclusion, Nitori Group’s investment in cloud-native technologies demonstrates its forward-thinking approach to business expansion. By embracing modern solutions like Talend Data Fabric, the company is positioned to achieve its ambitious goals of global growth and customer satisfaction.


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