Published on January 24, 2024, 6:15 am

Kirk Ball, the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of grocery chain Giant Eagle, recently discussed various aspects of optimizing customer experience, talent acquisition, and the evolving landscape of digital retail innovations. In an interview with Maryfran Johnson on CIO Leadership Live, Ball shared valuable insights into the strategies and initiatives undertaken by Giant Eagle to navigate the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

As a privately owned grocery chain with around 34,000 employees across nearly 500 locations, Giant Eagle was quick to adapt to the changing needs of its customers amidst the pandemic. With an annual revenue of approximately $11 billion, the company focused on delivering new digital experiences and capabilities to meet the increased demand for online buying. This required them to enhance their offerings rapidly in order to handle the scale and scope of customer demands while personalizing digital interactions.

Giant Eagle also prioritized maintaining its close-knit culture while transforming it into a more proactive and aligned approach with business partners. The technology group within Giant Eagle made efforts to understand their partners’ objectives in various areas of responsibility. This collaborative approach built stronger relationships between teams, fostering mutual support and success.

Managing data effectively has emerged as another crucial priority for Giant Eagle. They have implemented an analytics platform that provides valuable insights into different functions within the business. This empowers decision-makers by allowing them to anticipate trends and make informed choices related to sales growth or supply chain optimization.

When discussing IT talent, Ball highlighted how the pandemic helped open minds within the organization about remote work possibilities and expanding talent search beyond North America. As part of this effort, Giant Eagle opened a global capability center in Bangalore, India, which currently houses 125 team members but is actively seeking more. This initiative allows them to create a diverse technology team that benefits from different cultures and approaches.

Looking ahead at emerging tech trends in retail, Ball expressed particular interest in augmented reality (AR). He explained how AR offers opportunities to create a deeply immersive experience in-store and animate products, providing customers with additional information and promotional content. Although virtual reality (VR) is seen as slightly further out, advancements in wearable technology like contact lenses or glasses could potentially make it a hands-free experience.

Data analytics have played a significant role in optimizing operations for Giant Eagle. The implementation of a master data management capability has resulted in improved consistency and accuracy when it comes to data reporting across the organization. By providing introspection into various sets of data, Giant Eagle ensures that business partners have a holistic view of the company’s operations, enabling better decision-making processes related to product margin and inventory management.

Leadership plays a crucial role within Giant Eagle, with Ball emphasizing the importance of effective communication and engagement, especially in the remote work environment. He acknowledged the significance of frequent communication and staying connected with team members. Ball personally meets with his direct reports three times a week, holds weekly meetings with the leadership team, and engages with the entire enterprise group every three weeks. This approach allows individuals to feel recognized, heard, and empowered to contribute to strategy development.

Giant Eagle’s commitment to optimizing customer experiences, embracing talent globally, leveraging emerging technologies like AR, focusing on data analytics, and fostering strong leadership practices all contribute to their ongoing success in the evolving landscape of digital retail.

(Note: This article was written based on information provided by Kirk Ball during an interview without any affiliation to specific publishers or sources.)


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