Published on February 16, 2024, 11:30 pm

2022 witnessed a whirlwind of events in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, from the persistent pandemic to the Ukraine-Russia conflict and challenges to the global supply chain, with APAC playing a significant role. Despite these adversities, there is an optimistic outlook for economic recovery in the region in 2023.

IDC analysts are foreseeing a positive trajectory for IT spending in 2023 within the APAC region. Their predictions highlight a shift towards deriving greater value from cloud deployments beyond conventional benefits like IT productivity amidst looming challenges such as rising recessionary pressures.

Daphne Chung, IDC Asia/Pacific’s research director of cloud and software, points out that organizations in Asia/Pacific are evolving their use of cloud technology and data to enhance efficiencies, drive innovation, and create business value. This evolution entails a heightened focus on automation, cloud management, FinOps, sustainability, and cost control.

Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) form the backbone supporting applications and software within organizations. Geetha Gopal from Panasonic Asia-Pacific emphasizes the critical role of I&O encompassing servers, network storage, security, cloud hosting, end-user devices like mobiles and laptops – all pivotal components.

Gartner’s Jeffrey Hewitt emphasizes how I&O teams are grappling with changes in technologies’ procurement, deployment methods, and management practices to maximize business outcomes effectively. The dynamic landscape demands a fresh perspective on skills management for I&O leaders.

The evolving landscape poses key challenges for I&O leaders such as addressing security concerns due to increased reliance on digital technologies during emergencies like Covid-19. The demand for agile networks capable of meeting business requirements while containing costs necessitates a strategic approach towards infrastructure management.

The Future of Cloud in Asia Pacific report from Boston Consulting Group outlines a gradual shift towards public cloud infrastructure adoption since 2020 with expectations of continued growth until 2024. Hybrid models blending on-premises solutions with cloud services have emerged as viable options based on data classification needs.

Ensuring robust security measures across infrastructure components remains paramount responsibility for IT I&O teams according to Geetha Gopal. Collaborative efforts between IT I&O and CISO teams are essential to fortify defensive mechanisms through regular audits and proactive strategies like penetration testing.

In light of technological advancements reshaping industries, there is an increasing need for versatile IT professionals adept at diverse skill sets encompassing infrastructure networking & security aspects. Addressing skill shortages by investing in training programs can empower teams for seamless operations amid evolving technological landscapes.

As leaders navigate through escalating demands alongside cybersecurity threats amidst skill scarcity issues delicate working relationships among peers require alignment with organizational strategies rooting back to delivering tangible business value. Empowering teams to embrace this mindset fosters efficient project deliveries aligned with overarching business goals conducive for future growth potentials.


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