Published on November 8, 2023, 3:32 pm

Microsoft’S Bing Chat Ai To Integrate Full Microsoft Excel Functionality

Full Microsoft Excel integration is coming to Bing Chat AI, according to recent announcements by Microsoft. This move signifies the increasing role that artificial intelligence (AI) is playing in workplace tools, revolutionizing the way we work with data.

The integration allows users to create tables using data fed into or requested by a Bing Chat AI window. The platform then generates a table within the same window, which can be opened and edited using the Excel web app. This means that users no longer have to navigate away from their initial chat interface.

During tests conducted by Windows Latest, it was found that the table creation happens in real-time. Users were able to gather data from various sources and seamlessly create tables on the fly. The tables are not required to be separately exported and opened in Excel; instead, they open in a new browser tab.

Although currently still in testing, this feature has significant potential for further expansion. It may evolve to work more closely with native Office 365 apps, providing even greater convenience and productivity for users.

Furthermore, closer integration between ChatGPT and other Microsoft 365 tools like Word and PowerPoint is also anticipated. Windows Latest spotted menu options offering connections between these apps and even Google Workspace services such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This means that ChatGPT could potentially access information from these apps and incorporate them into conversations.

This integration is reminiscent of the system employed by Windows Copilot, which analyzes Microsoft 365 files for relevant information to enhance conversations or ongoing projects.

While details about wider availability of these features are yet to be revealed, industry observers are eagerly awaiting their launch. As further integration becomes available, businesses will be able to take full advantage of AI-driven solutions within their workflows.

In related news, Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Microsoft 365 Copilot. However, access to this service requires an additional monthly investment of at least $9,000 on top of existing Microsoft 365 enterprise subscriptions.

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