Published on November 9, 2023, 3:35 am

Microsoft and LinkedIn have teamed up to provide free access to 350 courses and six new Career Essentials Certificates as part of their Skills for Jobs program. These resources are aimed at helping individuals acquire the necessary skills for six of the most in-demand jobs in the digital economy.

The top six LinkedIn Learning Pathways in Asia include Customer Service Specialist, Critical Soft Skills, Project Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Data Analyst, and Software Developer. To assist people on their skilling journey, Microsoft and LinkedIn will also be offering 50,000 LinkedIn Learning scholarships.

The Career Essentials Certificates are designed to bridge the gap between basic digital literacy and more advanced technical skills training. By completing a learning pathway, learners will receive a LinkedIn badge that demonstrates fluency in a particular skillset to potential employers.

Ahmed Mazhari, President of Microsoft Asia, expressed confidence in the bright digital future of Asia. He stated that equipping people with the right digital skills is essential for accessing job opportunities in tech that contribute to inclusive economic growth.

To date, Microsoft has reached out to 14 million learners in Asia through LinkedIn under the Skills for Jobs program. These latest plans build upon the success of the Global Skills Initiative which provided digital skilling resources to 80 million jobseekers worldwide.

By 2025, Microsoft and LinkedIn aim to train and certify 10 million individuals with skills relevant to in-demand jobs. The collaboration between these two companies and their partners will not only empower workers by giving them a competitive edge but also strengthen Asia’s digital economy through innovation.

Microsoft utilized data from LinkedIn and the Burning Glass Institute to identify the most sought-after roles for this program. They include Administrative Professional, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Systems Administrator, Software Developer, or Data Analyst.

These courses and certificates will be available in seven languages: English, French, German Spanish Portuguese Simplified Chinese and Japanese. This expansion aligns with Microsoft’s commitment to promoting inclusive economic opportunity, ensuring learners worldwide have equal access to the skills and technology needed for success in a digitizing economy.

All courses can be accessed on LinkedIn at Additionally, Microsoft-developed courses can also be found on Microsoft Community Training (MCT) and are downloadable for use on other Learning Management Systems (LMS) by non-profit partners.

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