Published on November 16, 2023, 10:50 pm

Lucid Motors Unveils The Gravity: An All-Electric Suv Set To Elevate The Driving Experience

American EV automaker Lucid Motors has unveiled its second model, the Gravity, at AutoMobility LA. This marks an important milestone for Lucid as it expands its offerings and targets a larger audience of American consumers with its all-electric SUV.

The Gravity SUV has been in development for several years, and its arrival has been highly anticipated. Lucid initially teased the SUV’s arrival in 2021, and since then, there have been speculations about how it would look based on patent filings and brief updates from the company.

As the launch approached, Lucid released official images of the Gravity SUV, followed by video footage of public road testing. It was clear that the automaker had focused on creating a visually striking vehicle with sharp exterior styling.

One notable feature of the Gravity is its low ride height, which measures 155 mm in preproduction specs. Despite this low profile, the SUV offers ample interior space, including room for a third row of seats. In fact, vertically tall team members were able to comfortably sit in both the second and third rows.

Although the interior provides generous legroom thanks to Lucid’s long 900V platform, some compromises were made to maximize range and efficiency. The design prioritizes aerodynamics over excessive headroom but still offers sufficient space for passengers.

In terms of performance and efficiency, Lucid aims to achieve a drag coefficient below 0.24 with the Gravity SUV. If successful, this would make it the production SUV with the lowest drag coefficient on the market.

The interior of the Gravity receives some exciting updates compared to Lucid’s Air sedan. The dashboard features a 34-inch curved OLED display called the “Clearview Cockpit” positioned above a new steering wheel design. Additionally, there is a horizontal center console display that grants access to streaming apps like Apple Music and Amazon Music.

To maximize storage flexibility and convenience, Lucid has included features such as wireless phone charging and a glass center console that slides open for additional storage space. The SUV’s frunk (front trunk) is also spacious and can even be used as a lounge area.

Lucid will offer different trims for the Gravity, starting with the Dream Edition followed by the GT, Touring, and Pure. Pricing details have not been fully disclosed yet, but it is expected that the Pure trim will start below $80,000, potentially making it eligible for federal tax incentives.

The Gravity SUV demonstrates Lucid’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology in electric vehicles. With its emphasis on spaciousness, aerodynamic efficiency, and versatility, the Gravity is poised to provide an elevated luxury driving experience.

While some specifications remain subject to change as it moves closer to production in Arizona late next year, Lucid anticipates that the Gravity will achieve a range of over 440 miles with a battery pack that is relatively smaller than those of its competitors.

With its impressive features and performance capabilities, the Lucid Motors Gravity SUV has generated considerable excitement among EV enthusiasts. As the company continues to refine its production plans and pricing details, consumers can look forward to experiencing this groundbreaking vehicle sometime in 2024.


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