Published on November 2, 2023, 6:50 pm

Linkedin Introduces Ai-Powered Tool To Help Job-Seekers Assess Qualifications And Connect With Contacts

LinkedIn has introduced a new AI-powered tool that helps job-seekers determine if they are qualified for a position and suggests contacts within organizations. The tool uses a chatbot to analyze LinkedIn profiles, offer feedback on qualifications, suggest skills to develop, and recommend professionals in the user's network for guidance. The goal is to provide personalized support throughout the job-seeking process and bridge the gap between job descriptions and applicants' confidence. This AI tool expands LinkedIn's use of AI technology on its platform, aiming to improve the job-seeking experience for individuals and assist recruiters in finding suitable candidates.

LinkedIn has announced a new generative AI-powered tool designed to assist job-seekers in determining if they are qualified for a job and suggests contacts to reach out to within an organization. The tool, which was released on November 1st to select Premium members, utilizes a chatbot that analyzes the user’s LinkedIn profile and provides feedback on whether it meets the expectations of a particular role. It also offers personalized suggestions for skills that should be developed and recommends professionals in the user’s network who can provide guidance.

By leveraging ChatGPT-4 technology, this tool enables job-seekers to gain insights into their profiles and identify any gaps in their experience before applying for a position. In addition to assessing qualifications, it provides users with suggested messaging templates to initiate conversations with contacts identified through the tool.

Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s chief product officer, explained that the aim of this technology is to offer personalized takeaways and nudges that guide job-seekers throughout their career journeys. By providing tailored recommendations for skill-building and suggesting professionals in their network whom they can approach with questions, LinkedIn aims to enhance the chances of success for individuals seeking employment opportunities.

Furthermore, this AI-powered tool is not only beneficial for job-seekers but also advantageous for recruiters. Hari Srinivasan, VP of product management for LinkedIn Talent Solutions, stated that one of the key purposes is to encourage applicants who possess the right skills but may lack confidence due to the way job descriptions are written. The goal is to bridge this gap by providing job-seekers with clearer guidance on what companies are looking for, thereby enabling recruiters to receive applications from candidates who meet their requirements.

This latest development from LinkedIn represents an expansion of its use of AI throughout its platform. Last month, recruiters were granted access to Recruiter 2024, a generative AI-based solution designed to facilitate candidate search and contact. The social network has also introduced AI-enabled messaging, providing recruiters with assistance in crafting messages to potential candidates.

With these innovative AI-powered tools, LinkedIn aims to revolutionize the job-seeking experience by empowering individuals with insights and guidance while assisting recruiters in finding the most suitable candidates. As AI continues to evolve and permeate various aspects of the professional world, it is evident that technology can play a significant role in transforming how we approach workforce dynamics and achieve optimal outcomes for businesses.


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