Published on December 1, 2023, 8:24 am

In this Celosphere 2023 interview, Tom Smith and Laura Gardner from Acceleration Economy sit down with Chris Knapik, the process transformation senior director at PepsiCo. The interview takes place in Munich, Germany, and provides insights into the use cases of Celonis’ Process Mining and Generative AI.

Knapik leads a team of around 40 specialists who have expertise in Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Together with technically-oriented individuals, they focus on finance-related processes within the organization.

Celonis initially started with core process mining use cases such as procure to pay and accounts receivable. Over the years, they have expanded to include trade promotions management, waste management, and more. PepsiCo now has an impressive number of 50-60 use cases, although there are about 10 to 20 that people use daily. Process mining plays a crucial role in enabling SAP ERP system transformation (cloud migration) and optimizing processes earlier in the cycle. With Celonis’ recent acquisition of Symbio, decision-making related to process design can now be informed by real-time system data rather than relying solely on testimonials and memories.

Furthermore, Celonis aims to make automation more intelligent through their newly announced Process Intelligence Graph. This involves integrations with third-party tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools via APIs. This innovation allows for broader automation capabilities across the enterprise while also enriching models with data from various sources.

The discussion then delves into the concept of Generative AI (GenAI) and Process Copilots. It is emphasized that GenAI should be approached pragmatically and thoughtfully to mitigate risks effectively. In a Celonis/process mining context, Process Copilots play a crucial role in providing better insights and enabling power users to solve problems independently without relying on Knapik’s team or becoming resource bottlenecks for customization development—a strategy that facilitates quicker time to value.

PepsiCo follows a conservative approach to evaluate the expected gains of implementing these technologies. Their framework for value realization involves framing, measuring or tracking, and reporting as a lifecycle of value realization.

In conclusion, the interview provides valuable insights into how PepsiCo leverages Celonis’ Process Mining and Generative AI to optimize their processes and drive efficiencies across the organization.


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