Published on December 14, 2023, 11:19 am

Lenovo Expands Hybrid Cloud Portfolio For Generative Ai Deployments

Lenovo, a leading technology company, is expanding its hybrid cloud portfolio to support generative AI deployments for businesses. The new solutions, including ThinkAgile hybrid cloud and ThinkSystem server platforms, are designed to optimize the implementation of generative AI models.

The infrastructure solutions from Lenovo are built on 5th generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with Intel’s AMX technology. This combination enhances efficiency and provides support for AI inferencing and training on models with up to 20 billion parameters.

In addition to the infrastructure solutions, Lenovo will offer Professional Services for AI and TruScale as-a-service offerings. These services aim to assist businesses that lack the necessary knowledge and expertise in implementing AI.

The demand for AI-ready platforms is expected to increase significantly in the coming years as more companies strive to accelerate their generative AI deployments. Kamran Amini, Vice President and General Manager of Server, Storage, and Software at Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group, highlighted the importance of providing businesses with seamless platforms that can support their generative AI ambitions while increasing energy efficiency and agility.

While public cloud solutions offer convenience by minimizing infrastructure management, they may not be suitable for organizations prioritizing security and privacy. This is where hybrid cloud solutions play a crucial role. By combining on-premises and public cloud solutions, businesses can benefit from simplicity and access modern tools for AI models while maintaining data security in a private environment.

Industry stakeholders predict that the trend of utilizing hybrid cloud solutions for generative AI will continue beyond 2024. George Kurian, CEO of NetApp, emphasized the flexibility offered by hybrid cloud models as businesses can try proof of concepts on public clouds before scaling them in their own data centers.

Many companies have already announced hybrid cloud solutions tailored specifically for generative AI workloads. For example, HPE offers an enterprise computing solution that enables enterprises to fine-tune pre-trained models with private data on-premises before deploying custom models through its GreenLake hybrid cloud platform.

As the demand for generative AI continues to grow, businesses can rely on companies like Lenovo to provide the necessary infrastructure and services to support their AI initiatives. The expansion of Lenovo’s hybrid cloud portfolio represents a significant step towards enabling businesses to leverage the power of generative AI while ensuring efficiency, security, and scalability in their operations.


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