Published on April 5, 2024, 4:15 pm

Stay updated with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence by subscribing to CIO Dive’s free newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox. Professional services giant KPMG has recently inaugurated a cloud training center and is set to implement Google’s Gemini AI assistant internally. Achieving AI objectives requires significant upfront investments in skill enhancement and deployment strategies, an aspect that KPMG is actively addressing.

KPMG is reinforcing its position within the AI landscape alongside industry counterparts like EY, which completed a substantial $1.4 billion AI investment last September. In line with its initiative, EY introduced a large language model and initiated an internal platform. Similarly, PwC launched internal generative AI tools and enhanced capabilities through a $1 billion 3-year plan unveiled last year.

Professional services firms such as Accenture and Deloitte are also making strides in their AI endeavors by channeling significant resources towards technology development and workforce upskilling programs. KPMG successfully developed an internal generative AI tool aimed at streamlining administrative processes and enhancing audit quality. To facilitate its adoption, the company equipped employees with a prompt library guiding them on optimal interactions with the tool.

Partnering with Google Cloud, KPMG commits to upskilling its workforce to provide support in delivering diverse AI solutions ranging from security enhancements to customer support and strategic planning initiatives. Additionally, KPMG outlined intentions in July to invest $2 billion in Microsoft cloud and AI services over the next five years, signaling a significant leap into advanced technological capabilities.

Lou Trebino, KPMG’s audit chief technology officer expressed enthusiasm about their advancements in the AI domain during an interview with CFO Dive. The company’s proactive approach includes early participation in Microsoft Copilot for 365 along with other renowned enterprises like Visa and General Motors.

Recognizing the vital role of data quality and skilled personnel management in achieving successful Enterprise AI outcomes is crucial for CIOs looking to navigate through this evolving terrain efficiently without compromising on standards or potential project innovations.

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