Published on November 16, 2023, 4:50 pm

Khan Academy Lowers Price Of Ai Chatbot And Expands Its Features In K-12 Education

The nonprofit organization, Khan Academy, is cementing its position as a leader in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in K-12 education. In an effort to make their AI-powered chatbot, Khanmigo, more accessible to school districts, they have announced a significant price reduction. The cost of using Khanmigo will be slashed from $60 to $35 per student annually. This move comes at a time when many school districts are facing budget cuts due to the expiration of federal COVID relief aid.

To further entice school districts to adopt Khanmigo, Khan Academy is also making technological upgrades to the AI tool. Starting later this month, the tool will offer personalized feedback on student essays and other types of writing. Students and teachers will be able to submit a draft essay to Khanmigo, which will then guide them through the revision process. The chatbot will provide feedback on the structure and organization of the essay, as well as assess how well arguments are supported and evaluate the overall tone and style.

The goal behind these new features is for Khanmigo to act as an “ethical writing coach or editor,” helping students refine their work. Additionally, by next school year, Khan Academy plans to enhance its capabilities by enabling Khanmigo to serve as an anti-cheating tool. It will provide teachers with a report on how individual students’ writing process evolved and analyze whether any parts were plagiarized. This feature aims to prevent students from using AI-based tools like ChatGPT to copy and paste essays without proper attribution.

Khan Academy emphasizes that while AI can assist in grading and assessing student work, it should not replace teachers entirely. Feedback from tools like Khanmigo should be validated by teachers who act as a second set of eyes in evaluating students’ work.

Looking ahead, Khanmigo’s future developments include providing teachers with insights into areas where students may need extra instruction or workshops based on their performance in the writing process. For example, if multiple students struggle with crafting a thesis statement, Khanmigo could suggest conducting a workshop on that topic.

Furthermore, Khan Academy is working on expanding the capabilities of Khanmigo beyond its platform. They intend to allow the AI tutor to provide guidance and support when students are reading external sources such as Wikipedia or The New York Times.

These strategic decisions by Khan Academy aim to leverage generative AI technology to enhance and personalize K-12 education. By offering affordable access to AI-powered tutoring tools like Khanmigo, they hope to empower both teachers and students in their educational journey. As the adoption of chatbots for education is expected to increase in the coming years, Khan Academy stands at the forefront of this exciting development in the field of AI-assisted learning.


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