Published on November 16, 2023, 9:06 pm

Kerry Logistics, through its Kerry eCommerce (KEC) division, has joined forces with S.F. Express (Hong Kong) to introduce a new international e-commerce express solution tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong who want to deliver their products to overseas markets more efficiently.

This innovative solution aims to provide cost-effective and faster delivery services from Hong Kong to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand specifically for SME e-tailers. Samuel Lau, the managing director for integrated logistics North Asia at Kerry Logistics, explains that this collaboration empowers e-tailers by enhancing their delivery capabilities and expanding their presence abroad. As a result, SMEs can gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Southeast Asian e-commerce market is currently experiencing tremendous growth, leading to enormous demand for cross-border e-commerce logistics and last-mile delivery services. With Kerry Logistics Network’s extensive operations in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, combined with SFHK’s market-leading reach in Hong Kong, the partnership is well-prepared to tap into this growing demand while offering a cost-effective solution to SMEs.

By leveraging each company’s core competencies, the new international e-commerce express solution brings together SFHK’s expansive network of over 100 self-operated network points and large logistics and distribution team in Hong Kong with KEC’s robust in-house customs clearance and express capabilities throughout Asia. This strategic combination enables a seamless process where SMEs can conveniently drop off their packages at one of SFHK’s self-operated network points across Hong Kong or schedule a pickup by SFHK. Subsequently, KEC handles package consolidation for customs clearance, air freight transportation, and last-mile fulfillment.

The collaboration between Kerry Logistics and S.F. Express signifies their commitment to meeting the evolving demands of SMEs operating in the international e-commerce landscape. By providing efficient cross-border solutions and leveraging their respective expertise, both companies are helping SMEs expand their global reach and maximize growth opportunities.

To learn more about this partnership and its significance in expediting Hong Kong-ASEAN cross-border delivery, please visit FutureCIO.


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