Published on January 9, 2024, 1:27 pm

Intuition Robotics, the company behind the senior assistive social robot ElliQ, has unveiled the latest iteration of their robot at CES 2022. ElliQ 3.0 comes with hardware and software upgrades, including a deeper integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) for an enhanced user experience.

The most noticeable change in ElliQ’s design is its new look. The hardware has been optimized to meet growing demand and increased manufacturing processes, resulting in a robot that is 1.3 pounds lighter and has a 36% smaller footprint. Additionally, the screen is now fully integrated into the device, eliminating the need for a removable tablet.

In terms of internal improvements, ElliQ now features an octa-core SoC, a built-in AI processing unit (APU), and 33% more RAM. These enhancements enable seniors to interact with the robot more easily and efficiently.

One of the key upgrades in ElliQ 3.0 is its conversational capabilities through generative AI integration via its Relationship Orchestration Engine. This allows ElliQ to make real-time decisions regarding actions, scripted conversation, and generative AI conversation. By leveraging generative AI technology, the robot can engage in meaningful and dynamic conversations with users.

Generative AI also enables ElliQ to enhance its memory feature. It can store information provided by users, such as their favorite color or pet’s name, and utilize this knowledge to fuel conversations and suggest activities based on personal interests.

Dor Skuler, co-founder and CEO of Intuition Robotics, expressed his excitement about how older adults have embraced ElliQ as an AI companion: “It’s astounding to see that the first people to live with and build long-term relationships with an AI are individuals in their 80s and 90s.” Through this unique relationship, ElliQ has proven effective in reducing loneliness among older adults while improving their health, independence, and social connectedness.

To address safety concerns surrounding generative AI, Intuition Robotics has implemented guardrail mechanisms that monitor and mediate conversations in real-time. This ensures a safe and reliable user experience with the robot.

Beyond its conversational capabilities, ElliQ 3.0 offers an enhanced gaming experience with synchronized games. Users can now participate in real-time games like Bingo, allowing them to engage with other adults and have fun together.

Introducing generative AI into senior assistive social robots like ElliQ opens up new possibilities for improving the quality of life for older adults. With its hardware and software upgrades, ElliQ 3.0 represents a significant step forward in creating a more intelligent and engaging companion for elderly individuals.


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