Published on January 9, 2024, 12:41 pm

In the field of robotics, eldercare has long been a focus, primarily in countries like Japan. However, in recent years, other markets have also started exploring this domain. One notable example is Labrador Robotics’ home assistive system in the United States. Similarly, Intuition Robotics in Tel Aviv has been developing a “companion” robot since 2016.

Intuition Robotics launched ElliQ last March, which gained significant success through partnerships with assistive care facilities. Impressed by its debut, investors recently infused $25 million into the startup, bringing their total funding to an impressive $83 million. A major portion of this capital has been invested in improving ElliQ’s capabilities and features.

The latest iteration of ElliQ, named ElliQ 3, comes with various enhancements. The robot boasts design tweaks and more powerful hardware while integrating generative AI technology as a given feature at CES 2022 event held in Las Vegas. Designed by renowned designer Yves Behar and his studio, ElliQ 3 weighs 1.3 pounds less than its predecessor and is about one-third smaller in size. It also offers increased memory capacity and updates to its on-board MediaTek octa-core processor.

The hardware improvements are mainly focused on enhancing ease-of-use and scaling up manufacturing efficiency. However, the real highlight lies in the integration of generative AI technology. Generative AI is currently one of the biggest trends at CES and expected to dominate discussions throughout the year. Intuition Robotics leverages Language Models (LLMs) to enhance ElliQ’s conversational capabilities significantly.

Conversing with ElliQ will now be much more natural and detailed for users since it can engage in virtually infinite topics of conversation. The new models are designed to enhance both structured and open-ended conversations while improving ElliQ’s ability to understand user requests based on context.

The company is also exploring additional applications for generative AI beyond conversation enhancement. For example, Intuition Robotics is working on enabling ElliQ to engage in activities such as painting or writing poems together with users. These creative endeavors contribute to cognitive wellness and encourage social engagement.

ElliQ users can also share their creations with loved ones and the broader community of ElliQ users, thereby fostering social wellness, reducing loneliness, and enhancing a sense of recognition.

As generative AI continues to evolve and find applications in various industries, it is exciting to see how robotics companies like Intuition Robotics are leveraging this technology to create more engaging and interactive experiences for users. With ongoing advancements, we can anticipate even more innovative and impactful developments in the field of eldercare robotics.


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