Published on November 17, 2023, 6:09 am

Introducing Empowering Users To Create, Secure, And Monetize Their Ai Personas

Hollo.AI, a new platform designed to help users create, secure, and monetize their digital identities, is set to launch. This innovative platform allows users to create their own artificial intelligence (AI) persona, complete with a personalized chatbot and links to their social media and websites.

One of the key features of this platform is the ability for users to monetize their AI personas through various “AI Side Hustles.” Users can engage in activities such as content creation in games, metaverses, podcasts, virtual assistance, audiobooks, voiceovers, customer service, and brand deals. This opens up a range of opportunities for creators to generate income using their AI personas.

To ensure ethical usage of AI and foster trust and transparency among creators, fans, and businesses, Hollo.AI integrates blockchain technology for verification and registration. This not only safeguards the AI personas but also provides users with sovereign ownership over their creations.

“With AI moving at rapid speed, many creators are looking for a way to control what happens to their digital image,” explains Rex Wong, CEO of Hollo.AI. The goal of the platform is to give users full control over how their AI is used by allowing them to dictate when, where, and how it is utilized.

Signing up for the platform involves creating an AI twin and a Hollo.AI Page using a selfie and voice recording. The AI twin learns from the user’s social links and conversational chats through the ChatBuddy interface. This enables the creation of exclusive content communities, fan engagement strategies, content subscriptions, shopping experiences, and brand deals.

The platform also offers additional features like AI Side Hustles that allow users to establish side businesses such as merchandising or digital content creation. There is also a Marketplace Portal that manages representation and brand licensing for AI Twins, NIL (Name/Image/Likeness), identity management options while facilitating opportunities for brands and companies to hire or license a Hollo.AI user or their AI Twin.

To enhance user engagement, a personalized AI Conversational Chatbot is included. This chatbot can act as a receptionist or salesman, engaging with fans and followers on the user’s Hollo.AI Page.

Rex Wong envisions Hollo.AI becoming the definitive verification mark for AI, comparable to claiming domain names for the web or obtaining a blue checkmark for a verified social profile. The aim is to bring transparency and ethical standards to the AI space by leveraging know-your-customer practices and a public AI blockchain ledger registry.

Hollo.AI’s upcoming launch promises to provide users with new opportunities to create, secure, and monetize their digital identities in an ethical and transparent manner. With its unique features and focus on user sovereignty, this platform has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals interact with their AI personas.


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