Published on January 18, 2024, 7:16 pm

Insufficient Technical Expertise Hindering Adoption Of Generative Ai In The Workplace, Says Report

Business leaders are expressing concerns about the lack of technical expertise among employees when it comes to adopting generative AI tools in the workplace, according to a report by Deloitte. The report, titled “State of Generative AI in the Enterprise,” is based on a survey conducted with over 2,800 director- to C-suite-level leaders from various industries and countries at this year’s World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

Deloitte announced that it will now conduct this survey as a quarterly pulse instead of annually due to the rapid development and deployment of AI technologies. According to Beena Ammanath, who leads Deloitte’s global AI Institute, the technology is evolving quickly, bringing constant change and new best practices. Therefore, staying updated and informed is crucial.

The survey revealed that more than three-quarters of respondents expect generative AI to drive significant organizational change in the next few years. However, only 47% of respondents stated that their organization is adequately educating employees on the capabilities, benefits, and value of generative AI.

Ammanath emphasized that having a workforce that can effectively communicate using AI language is vital for exploring new business opportunities and product ideas. While AI has predominantly been used to improve efficiency and productivity so far, further skilling is required to fully leverage its potential.

According to Ammanath, every employee within an organization should possess a basic level of knowledge about AI and how to utilize it in their roles effectively. She cited the example of an executive assistant needing to understand how to make use of AI tools optimally based on their job requirements.

Moreover, employee training should include understanding when to utilize publicly available large language models like ChatGPT versus internal AI tools exclusive to an organization.

Looking ahead, 2024 is projected to be a significant year for AI upskilling. Platforms like EdX, Coursera, and Microsoft are actively developing tools for individuals as well as enterprise organizations to enhance their understanding of AI skills in the context of the evolving economy.

HR professionals can play a crucial role in aligning their organization’s people policies with best practices and ethical considerations when it comes to deploying AI at work. Keeping abreast of industry news and staying agile in today’s fast-changing business environment is essential, and platforms like HR Brew are dedicated to providing up-to-date information and tips for HR professionals.

As the adoption of generative AI continues to grow, organizations must prioritize educating their workforce about its potential and how to leverage it effectively. By doing so, businesses can stay competitive, drive innovation, and navigate the evolving landscape of AI-powered technologies.


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