Published on November 16, 2023, 3:33 pm

Instagram, the popular social media platform owned by Meta, is introducing a new feature that allows users to create custom stickers for their Reels and Stories using AI. This feature, powered by Meta’s Segment Anything AI model, gives users the ability to upload their own photos or videos from their phone’s Camera Roll or choose from eligible media on Instagram.

The AI model includes a cutting-edge image cutout feature that works similarly to Apple’s iOS 16 image cutout feature. Just like in iMessage, where users can create stickers by touching and holding on a photo’s subject, Instagram’s AI model automatically highlights the subject of the photo when creating custom stickers. However, if the AI gets it wrong or users want to make adjustments, they also have the option to manually select the sticker’s subject. Once created, users can simply tap “Use Sticker” to add it to their Reel or Story.

To access this new feature, users can find it under a “Create” option located next to other sticker-related features such as Polls and Quizzes.

It’s important to note that these custom stickers are distinct from previously launched AI stickers that allow users to enter text and generate stickers using prompts. The company demonstrated this technology at its Meta Connect event in September using its Emu foundational model for image generation. Since then, this feature has gradually rolled out to English-language users over the past month.

In addition to the new custom AI stickers, Instagram has also introduced several other creator-focused features. These include “undo” and “redo” options for Reels, tools for scaling and rotating individual clips, and a Media Clip hub for creating memes with audio clips on Reels.

Surprisingly, Instagram has also brought back an old favorite – photo filters for Posts. In a blog post announcement, Instagram stated that these filters range from subtle color edits to more expressive styles.

To enhance user experience further, Instagram has incorporated 10 new English text-to-speech voices, six new text fonts and styles, and support for outlines. The company has also introduced improvements such as easier audio browsing, a streamlined view of Drafts, zooming in on the Camera Roll, and the ability to search for specific photos and videos.

For creators interested in tracking metrics, Instagram and Facebook have introduced a new Reels metric called “Replays.” This metric will combine with “Initial Plays” to provide a comprehensive count of how many times a Reel has been played. Additionally, Meta plans to implement real-time Retention Charts that allow creators to see how long viewers are engaged with their Reels.

These new features are rolling out on Instagram starting today, although it may take a few days for everyone to have access to them. Instagram continues to innovate and enhance its platform, giving users more creative tools and empowering creators with valuable metrics for their content.


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