Published on November 9, 2023, 5:28 am

Infineon Technologies, in collaboration with Vietnamese smart electric car maker VinFast and R&D hub LG Sciencepark, is driving Asian innovation to enable efficient energy management, smart mobility, and secure communications in a connected world.

Expanding their innovation ecosystem beyond Singapore and Malaysia, Infineon aims to shape a sustainable future by driving solutions for decarbonization and digitalization in Asia. Chee Seong Chua, President and Managing Director of Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific, expressed excitement over the partnerships with South Korea and Vietnam that will help achieve this goal.

With these new partnerships, communities of creators, manufacturers, and startups will have access to Infineon’s hardware solutions such as sensors, microcontrollers, actuators, and secured connectivity. This will empower them to create new solutions or power emerging technologies.

VinFast and Infineon are taking their collaboration further by establishing a joint application center in Hanoi during the first quarter of 2023. This VinFast Infineon Competence Center will focus on co-developing future solutions for smart mobility, including the next-generation electric drive train for electric vehicle platforms.

Meanwhile, LG Sciencepark and Infineon are joining forces to identify and support promising startups interested in commercializing or scaling their solutions in South Korea and Southeast Asia. Startups supported by both parties will gain valuable access to business partners, office space (in the Infineon Co-Innovation Space in Singapore or the Superstart Lab in LG Sciencepark located in South Korea), mentorship opportunities, technical support, and assistance with expanding their existing markets.

In Singapore specifically, several startups have already been confirmed at Infineon’s Co-Innovation Space. Deep-In-Sight from South Korea and local startups including Datakrew, Extend My Runway, Flow Tech, Tack One, and WeavAir will benefit from a year-long commitment providing them with technologies, expertise, guidance from Infineon in Singapore and around the world, enabling them to fast-track their product development for commercialization.

This collaboration between Infineon Technologies, VinFast, and LG Sciencepark is an important step towards fostering innovation in Asia. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, these companies are set to create groundbreaking solutions that will drive progress in areas such as smart mobility and energy management.

To learn more about Infineon’s expansion of its Asian innovation ecosystem, please visit FutureCIO’s article on Infineon’s website.


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