Published on October 26, 2023, 5:08 pm

IBM is making progress in Generative AI and partnering with companies like EY and Dun & Bradstreet to develop AI solutions. They are introducing new solutions on the Watson platform, expanding partnerships with AWS, and aiming to enhance their AI governance offering. However, attracting expertise in this field remains a challenge for enterprises, and IT workers are exploring job opportunities despite some workforce reductions. To stay updated on Generative AI and other tech news, subscribe to CIO Dive's newsletter.

IBM is making significant strides in the field of Generative AI, leveraging partnerships with hyperscalers and deploying its own models to offer this technology to clients. CEO Arvind Krishna highlighted the importance of consulting in driving the adoption of generative AI solutions. He mentioned one example where EY developed an AI-infused human resource management solution using Watson and proprietary IBM models. IBM is also working with analytics firm Dun & Bradstreet to build generative AI tools.

As pilot programs are launched to identify scalable use cases for generative AI, cloud marketplaces are continuously deploying and upgrading multiple models, creating a complex ecosystem of AI-infused tools. However, acquiring expertise in this domain remains challenging for enterprises.

To address these challenges and expand its generative AI offerings, IBM has introduced a suite of solutions on its Watson platform, including an LLM trained to rescript COBOL business applications in Java. Additionally, last month, IBM deployed its Granite model series optimized for summarization, content generation, and insight extraction. The company’s strategy extends beyond its proprietary models as well, with IBM consultants assisting clients in adopting Azure OpenAI and AWS services.

IBM Consulting has recently expanded its partnership with AWS, pledging to train 10,000 consultants in AWS generative AI by the end of next year. The collaboration will also involve the development of joint AI solutions.

Looking ahead, IBM plans to further enhance its Watson platform by rolling out an AI governance solution for compliance and risk mitigation before the end of this year.

While IBM makes advancements in Generative AI technology, it underscores that not all tech investments are equal when it comes to addressing technical debt. Workforce reductions across big tech companies have slightly mitigated the effects of “The Great Resignation,” but IT workers are still exploring job opportunities.

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