Published on November 16, 2023, 3:47 pm

Customer data-syncing startup Hightouch has made an exciting announcement today – it has acquired HeadsUp. This acquisition brings Co-founder Earl Lee onboard at Hightouch, where he will be working on Customer 360, a product that leverages AI and machine learning to assist clients in managing and collaborating on customer data. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Both companies are based in San Francisco.

Prior to this acquisition, HeadsUp had gained support from investors such as 645 Ventures and achieved six figures in ARR. Its tools were utilized by growth teams at product-led growth companies like Netlify, Contentful, Dialed, and Matillion to identify the optimal time for customer sales using customer data.

Hightouch, on the other hand, recently reached a valuation of $615 million following its latest funding round. Co-founder Josh Curl explained that while the startup’s initial focus was on data-syncing, it has now expanded into areas such as Customer 360, aligning closer with HeadsUp’s mission.

Curl states, “It’s actually very similar to who might be a high-value customer in a year and those things… I think a lot of what the Customer 360 toolkit is trying to do is very similar to the HeadsUp deck.”

Joining Hightouch alongside Lee are co-founders Josh Curl, Kashish Gupta, and Tejas Manohar. Lee shares that Hightouch has already developed downstream functionalities aimed at helping marketing and data teams at companies make more effective use of their data warehouses for tasks such as ad targeting and audience segmentation.

Lee’s role will involve assisting Hightouch’s clients in reaching the stage where their data is prepared for utilizing these downstream tools effectively. Before founding HeadsUp last year, Lee was employed at Fiscalnote, a data-tracking SaaS company. During his time there, he created an internal data analytics site that involved establishing a data warehouse and building tooling on top of it, including Segment and Looker.

This experience led Lee to recognize the potential benefits that a cloud data warehouse stack could bring to any organization. It was one of the driving factors behind his decision to start HeadsUp. He explained, “If you think about what Hightouch does as a company, and what my mission is within Hightouch, it’s really to build the sorts of tools that enable more organizations to get value out of all the data that they’re bringing into their warehouse.”

Curl first connected with Lee and HeadsUp co-founder Momo Ong (who will not be joining Hightouch) through mutual friends when HeadsUp was just launching. The two kept in touch due to their companies operating in adjacent spaces.

Lee remarked, “We realized that, fundamentally, there was a lot of overlap and long-term vision with what we wanted to accomplish as a company alongside what Hightouch was doing.”

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