Published on December 27, 2023, 6:12 am

Healthify: Introducing Ria 2.0 – An Ai-Powered Personal Health Coach With Multilingual Conversational Capabilities And Innovative Features

Healthify, a Khosla Ventures-backed Indian health and fitness startup, made several exciting announcements at the Ignite conference. One of the key highlights was the introduction of Ria 2.0, a generative AI-powered personal health coach with advanced conversational capabilities. This AI chatbot is designed to provide personalized health advice by considering various factors such as schedule, meals, blood sugar levels, activity, and dietary preferences.

What sets Ria 2.0 apart is its Multimodal and multilingual conversational capabilities. It can understand and respond to users in different languages, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals. Additionally, Healthify’s innovative “Snap” feature allows users to photograph their meals for instant identification of food types and calculation of nutritional content, including calorie count. The company claims that this feature is 40% more accurate than the previous version and can recognize over one million global foods.

In another exciting development, Healthify has joined forces with Swiggy, a popular food commerce platform in India. This commercial partnership enables users to order meals based on Ria’s smart dietary recommendations through the Healthify app. By integrating these services, Healthify aims to facilitate adherence to healthy eating habits and promote overall well-being.

Furthermore, Healthify’s “Coach Co-Pilot,” which combines AI with human coaching, received validation from a Stanford study showing a 70% increase in weight-loss effectiveness compared to traditional methods. The company emphasizes the use of multiple foundational models to contextualize information based on specific tasks rather than relying solely on one model for all purposes.

To enhance its AI capabilities, Healthify utilizes diverse statistical models such as AWS, Meta, OpenAI, and open-source options while focusing on domain knowledge for new insights. They have assembled different models tailored to specific outputs and employ user data analysis for better conversational engagement during voice interactions.

Privacy and user control are also pivotal for Healthify. The company places a strong emphasis on handling health data with utmost confidentiality and allowing customers full control over their data. Users have the option to delete their data and choose whether to share it with their health coach. Healthify never engages in data partnerships or sells user data, aligning itself with regulatory and ethical considerations.

The journey of Healthify has evolved from older AI systems to the development of new generative AI systems like Ria 2.0. The initial AI system had its limitations, but through advancements, the company expanded its data vectors to include inputs such as calendar, geolocation, heart rate, nutrition, and fitness, ensuring a more comprehensive service.

Looking ahead, Healthify is preparing for international expansion and expects significant growth in revenue this fiscal year. Despite previous restructuring efforts and layoffs, the company aims for double-digit growth, crossing $30 million in revenues with a $40 million run rate while maintaining lower costs than ever before.

Healthify’s commitment to leveraging generative AI technology and combining it with user-centric features has placed them at the forefront of the health and fitness industry. With Ria 2.0 as their latest offering and continued innovation on multiple fronts, Healthify is poised for success in transforming how individuals approach their personal health goals.


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