Published on March 27, 2024, 12:17 pm

As we approach the summer holiday season, Google unveils a series of travel updates that position it as a significant player in the travel planning industry, offering valuable insights into consumer purchasing intent within the travel sector. One of the notable updates is the enhancement to its Search Generative Experience (SGE), introducing an AI-powered feature that enables users to craft travel itineraries and trip concepts.

This newly introduced capability, currently accessible only in English within the U.S. for participants enrolled in Search Labs, merges content from various websites, reviews, photos, and user submissions on Google to provide personalized trip suggestions. When users request specific trip plans such as “plan me a three-day historical tour of Philadelphia,” they receive comprehensive itineraries comprising recommended attractions, dining options, flight details, and accommodation suggestions.

Although these itineraries currently do not facilitate direct booking or reservations for services or activities, users can conveniently export their finalized itinerary to Gmail, Docs, or Maps for further reference. While Google has not disclosed specific details regarding a broader rollout of this feature, this initiative underscores the company’s ongoing exploration of how AI technologies can be harnessed innovatively.

Moreover, Google’s updated functionalities extend to facilitating easier access to curated lists of recommendations on Google Maps in selected cities across the U.S. and Canada. By simply searching for a city on Maps, users can now explore suggestion lists from reputable publishers like The Infatuation and fellow users. Additionally, users can discover compilations of top restaurants categorized as top picks, trending venues, or hidden gems in over 40 cities throughout the U.S.

Furthermore, in line with empowering customization and organization of travel plans within its platform, Google is introducing enhanced tools that enable users to personalize their created lists effectively. You’re now able to dictate the sequence in which places are listed within your customized list – whether prioritizing top favorites or arranging them chronologically akin to an itinerary layout. Additionally, you can seamlessly link external content from your social media channels to enrich your shared lists with friends and family.

Through these recent updates and advancements in its travel-related features and offerings infused with Generative AI technologies – Google solidifies its presence as a key player in shaping future trends within the travel industry while simultaneously enhancing user experiences and engagement across its platforms.


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