Published on November 30, 2023, 2:09 pm

Google Messages, the popular messaging app for Android users, is rolling out seven exciting new features to enhance user experience. With Google Messages recently surpassing one billion active users, these updates are sure to delight and engage users even more.

One of the standout additions is “Photomoji,” made possible by on-device Google AI. This feature allows you to tap and hold on the subject of an image, lifting it from the background and sending it as a message reaction. You can even store it in a special reuse bin. The best part? Other users in the conversation can also access the cropped Photomoji.

Another feature called “Voice Moods” lets you accent your voice messages with emoji effects. When leaving a voice message, you can choose from various emoji effects such as heart-eyes, fireballs, and party poppers to add more personality to your message. Additionally, voice messages now receive a quality boost with increased bitrate and sample rate.

If you enjoy adding some visual flair to your messages, you’ll love the new “Screen Effects.” Typing specific phrases like “It’s snowing” or “I love you” triggers a burst of colors and animations that depict what you’re saying. Google has hidden over 15 different screen effects prompts for users to discover.

For those who like customizing their messaging experience, Google introduces “Custom Bubbles.” No longer restricted to blue or green bubbles, users now have the freedom to choose different colors for chat threads and bubbles in various group messages and individual conversations. This customization option makes it easier for users to differentiate between different chats, whether they’re work-related or family-oriented.

If you find reacting with a simple thumbs-up underwhelming, fear not! With “Reaction Effects,” responding to messages becomes more engaging. The standard suite of reactions (like thumbs up or sad face) now has added depth and flare with multiple hand gestures appearing briefly when selected.

To add more life to your conversations, Google Messages now supports animated emojis. These lively emojis bring a little more fun and expressiveness to your chats.

Lastly, the new “Profiles” feature acts as a virtual business card for your Google products and services. By setting a picture and display name, other users with your phone number or email address can easily recognize you in group chat settings or during individual conversations.

To access these exciting features, Android users will need to update their Google Messages app from the Google Play Store and enroll in the beta program. Embrace the future of messaging with these innovative additions that make communication more engaging and personalized.


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