Published on November 1, 2023, 1:21 pm

TLDR: Google has launched its own generative AI product imagery tools called Product Studio, allowing merchants and advertisers in the US to generate new product imagery for free. Users can type in prompts describing the image they want, from changing background colors to placing products in specific scenes. The tool can also enhance low-quality images and remove distracting backgrounds. Additionally, Google has introduced a "small business" attribute on Search and Maps to highlight small businesses, as well as providing more information about merchants when customers search for their names. These updates aim to empower businesses with valuable tools and information.

Google is jumping on the generative AI bandwagon with the launch of its own set of generative AI product imagery tools. This move comes shortly after Amazon’s adoption of generative AI for advertisers.

The new AI-powered Product Studio by Google allows merchants and advertisers in the U.S. to effortlessly generate new product imagery for free. All they need to do is type in a prompt describing the image they want.

This feature can be used for simple tasks such as changing the background color or making it a solid color behind product images. It can also be used for more complex requests, like placing a product in a specific scene. For instance, a skincare company could request seasonal imagery by typing in something like “product surrounded by peaches with tropical plants in the background.” Now, they can ask for winter-related imagery, such as “product sitting on snow surrounded by pine branches or pinecones.”

In addition to these creative capabilities, the generative AI model also helps improve low-quality images without requiring a reshoot. It can even remove distracting backgrounds, providing businesses with enhanced visuals without having to invest in multiple photography sessions.

With this new tool, businesses of all sizes will have access to professional-looking images for their ads without having to invest heavily in new photography. They can augment their existing product photography and reuse assets across different campaigns.

The generative AI feature is now available to all Merchant Center Next users in the U.S., as well as through the Google and YouTube app on Shopify.

Google’s focus on enhancing its offerings for merchants doesn’t stop there. They have also introduced other additions aimed at supporting small businesses. One such addition is a “small business” attribute on Google Search and Maps that highlights which brands have identified themselves as small businesses.

Moreover, when customers search for merchant names on Google Search, the knowledge panel will provide them with more information about those businesses. This information includes current deals, shipping and return policies, customer service details, and ratings and reviews. This update aims to provide shoppers with a comprehensive understanding of the businesses they are interested in.

These changes by Google are designed to empower merchants and businesses by providing them with valuable tools and information that can drive success. With generative AI-powered product imagery and additional merchant support features, Google continues to innovate in its quest to serve businesses of all sizes.


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