Published on January 24, 2024, 12:35 am

Google Introduces Generative Ai And Chatbot In Search Campaigns

Google is expanding the use of generative AI in its search campaigns. The company’s Gemini AI model is being rolled out to Google Ads and will eventually offer all advertisers a dedicated ad assistant chatbot as part of the ad creation process.

The Gemini-based chatbot will be added to the right side of the Google Ads composer screen, allowing advertisers to ask questions to improve their ad approach. It combines Google’s AI with your expertise to help build better Search campaigns. All you need to get started is your website URL, and Google AI will generate optimized Search campaigns by creating relevant ad content, including creatives and keywords.

This new feature can be extremely helpful for advertisers dealing with the technical complexities of SEO and optimizing for search intent. The chatbot uses Google’s AI process to suggest the most relevant terms based on trending searches and user activity. Advertisers can ask it to come up with variations of their ad copy, and the system will provide more specific matching language related to search interest. Furthermore, advertisers can request additional ad headlines for consideration by referencing successful ad examples in Google’s database and matching them against their products.

The addition of a visual element is another exciting enhancement. Advertisers can now generate custom visuals based on images from their product landing page or create full images in-stream using generative AI within Google Ads. All images created through this conversational experience will be identified as such, ensuring transparency and responsible use of AI.

Generative AI tools are well suited to assist in optimizing SEO processes as they utilize Google’s vast database of trend data to identify the most relevant terms for specific offerings. While marketers can conduct this research manually, Google’s assistant tool reduces much of the legwork by prompting keyword matches and queries that target niche opportunities.

Google has announced that beta access to its new conversational experience in Google Ads is now available for English language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K., with a global rollout planned over the next few weeks.

Overall, the introduction of generative AI and the ad assistant chatbot in Google Ads has the potential to revolutionize the ad creation process by providing advertisers with valuable insights and automated assistance. It streamlines campaign optimization efforts and allows advertisers to focus on refining their strategies to maximize results.


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