Published on January 23, 2024, 2:14 pm

Google Introduces Experimental Ai Features For Chrome On Mac: Tab Organization, Theme Creation, And Content Assistance

Google has just announced its plans to introduce experimental generative AI features in the latest version of Chrome for Mac (M121). These new features aim to assist users in organizing tabs, creating themes, and even drafting content.

One of the highlights is the Tab Organizer. With this feature, Chrome can suggest and create tab groups based on the currently open tabs. Users can access this option by right-clicking on a tab and selecting the “Organize Similar Tabs” function. This makes it easier for users to navigate through multiple open tabs efficiently.

Another exciting addition is the text-to-image diffusion model that allows Chrome users to generate custom themes based on specific subjects, mood, visual style, and color preferences. The “Create with AI” theme option can be found under the Customize Chrome side panel.

In terms of content creation, Google’s AI-powered writing assistant will provide assistance when composing text on websites, forums, or any other text field. By simply right-clicking on a text box or field, users will have access to a “Help me write” option that can help generate content quickly and effortlessly.

These features will be rolled out gradually to U.S. Chrome users over the next few days. The Tab Organizer and theme creator will be available sooner, while the writing assistant will arrive in next month’s Chrome update.

To enable these experimental features, users can go to the Settings section of Chrome by clicking on the three-dot menu and navigating to the Experimental AI page. From there, they can easily turn these features on or off according to their preferences.

Google’s focus on integrating generative AI into Chrome not only showcases their commitment to enhancing user experience but also demonstrates how artificial intelligence continues to shape our daily digital interactions. These experimental additions hold great potential for streamlining tasks and boosting productivity for Mac users worldwide.

As always, Google remains at the forefront of innovation in technology. By incorporating generative AI into its flagship browser platform, they are further positioning Chrome as a powerful tool for users looking to optimize their browsing experience and work more efficiently. Stay tuned for the exciting possibilities that these AI features will bring to Chrome in the near future.


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