Published on February 2, 2024, 7:21 am

Google Ai Unveils Imagefx: A Cutting-Edge Image-Generation Engine To Foster Creativity

Google AI Launches New Image-Generation Engine to Foster Creativity

Google AI has unveiled its latest tool called ImageFX, an image-generation engine aiming to nurture people’s creativity. Powered by Imagen 2, Google’s cutting-edge text-to-image model, ImageFX is said to produce the highest-quality images to date. Similar to other generative AIs, this tool works by allowing users to input a command into the text box and generate content accordingly.

What sets ImageFX apart from others is its unique feature called “Expressive Chips.” These are dropdown menus that provide users with keywords, allowing them to quickly modify content by selecting adjacent ideas. For instance, the AI can generate a sample prompt of a dress carved out of deadwood adorned with foliage. Users can then alter certain aspects of the dress, transforming it into an ugly shirt made of plastic and flowers.

The options provided by Expressive Chips cannot be changed but more tags can be added from the list at the bottom. If users find something they like created by the AI, they have the option to download or share it on social media.

Google isn’t new to releasing text-to-image generative AIs. One of their previous releases, Bard, recently acquired similar capabilities. However, what distinguishes ImageFX is its emphasis on creativity. The suggestions provided by the Expressive Chips can inspire users and guide them in directing the engine towards generating unique and unexpected ideas.

ImageFX is currently accessible for free through Google’s AI Test Kitchen platform. It’s important to note that this tool is still in development and might display inaccurate or offensive content. If encountered, users are encouraged to report such instances by clicking on the flag icon.

Moreover, Google expects users to adhere to their Generative AI Prohibited Use Policy when utilizing ImageFX.

Aside from introducing ImageFX, Google has also made several updates to their existing experimental AIs. MusicFX now enables users to generate songs up to 70 seconds long and adjust their speed. This tool also incorporates Expressive Chips to enhance the creative process. TextFX, on the other hand, received minor website updates for improved navigation.

For now, ImageFX and other AI capabilities are available to users in the United States, New Zealand, Kenya, and Australia. There is no information yet regarding its global rollout.

While awaiting further updates on ImageFX’s availability, TechRadar has compiled a list of the best AI art generators for 2024. Although there is no clear winner among them, each generator offers unique specialties.

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