Published on November 8, 2023, 4:02 pm

GitHub has unveiled its plans for an enterprise subscription tier that will allow companies to customize and fine-tune its Copilot pair-programmer based on their internal codebase. This announcement was made at the annual GitHub Universe developer conference, where the company also provided more information about Copilot Chat’s official availability and introduced a new partner program.

Copilot Chat is a chatbot integrated into developers’ IDEs, which allows them to ask questions about their code and receive suggestions and fixes for bugs. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, it is available as part of the standard Copilot subscription at $10/month for individuals and $19/month for businesses.

However, GitHub is expanding its offerings with a new enterprise-grade Copilot subscription, priced at $39/month. This subscription, available from February 2024, includes all the features of the existing business plan, with additional capabilities such as personalized Copilot Chat for specific codebases and fine-tuning of underlying models.

With this new offering, companies can connect Copilot to their codebase, enabling developers to receive suggestions on all their internal private code. In addition, Copilot Chat will extend beyond the code editor and IDE to for those subscribed to Copilot Enterprise. This enhancement allows developers to explore their code in-depth, access documentation, pull requests, and receive summaries and answers from Copilot Chat.

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke expressed that by leveraging the collective knowledge of an organization’s codebase through Copilot Enterprise, developers can write code faster and deploy applications ahead of the competition.

Copilot Enterprise also opens avenues for AI-enabled conversations around code in the cloud. Companies can now have AI assist with specific questions unique to their given codebase by customizing the model. Chip giant AMD participated in initial testing with this feature and reported successful fine-tuning of the Copilot model for hardware design languages like Verilog.

Additionally, GitHub has announced its plans to extend Copilot Chat to the GitHub mobile app and add support for JetBrain’s suite of IDEs in response to user feedback.

Furthermore, GitHub is launching the Copilot Partner Program, aimed at building relationships with the broader developer community. Third-party developers from companies like Datastax, LaunchDarkly, Postman, Hashicorp, and Datadog will create plugins and integrations for Copilot.

GitHub is excited about the possibilities this partnership program brings, as it will expand the use cases of Copilot and enable developers to improve performance, check feature flags, and view A/B test results.

Lastly, GitHub demonstrated their commitment to security by adding new AI capabilities. In addition to secret-scanning and code-scanning features introduced in 2020, GitHub now offers an “autofix” feature for code scanning to assist developers in introducing fixes more quickly. These AI-generated fixes are precise and actionable suggestions that help developers understand vulnerabilities and remediate them efficiently.

GitHub continues to innovate by providing tools that empower developers with AI-generated assistance throughout the entire development process. With these new offerings and partnerships, GitHub aims to enhance productivity and security while fostering a strong developer community.


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