Published on October 20, 2023, 2:10 pm

  • Highlights from Community Summit North America 2023 include CarMax using Azure OpenAI for content generation, Dynamics Business Applications expanding cloud availability zones, Kelowna transforming grant management with Azure open AI, and Velosio discussing Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. These examples demonstrate the diverse applications of generative AI in different industries and its potential impact on sustainability initiatives.

I recently attended the Community Summit North America 2023 and wanted to share some highlights from the keynotes and sessions I experienced. Here are four notable moments that stood out:

1. Microsoft’s Alfredo Ramirez revealed that CarMax, an online auto marketplace, is utilizing Azure OpenAI to automate content generation. This technology has dramatically increased efficiency by automating 80% of content creation that previously would have taken a writer 11 years to complete. This showcases the power of generative AI in streamlining processes and saving time.

2. Mike Ehrenberg, CTO for Dynamics Business Applications at Microsoft, discussed the expansion of the company’s cloud availability zones for Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform. With applications deployed across multiple zones, if one zone is impacted, the service seamlessly continues operating in another zone. This ensures uninterrupted service and enhances reliability.

3. A Microsoft partner called RSM shared an intriguing use case for generative AI. They highlighted how their customer, the Canadian city of Kelowna, leveraged Microsoft’s Azure open AI service to transform their grant management process. By implementing this technology, Kelowna was able to address inefficiencies and effectively allocate potential grants worth millions of dollars that were previously overlooked.

4. Velosio, another Microsoft partner, provided valuable insights on Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. They outlined four key functions of this software for customers: unified data intelligence, building sustainable IT infrastructure, reducing environmental impact through operations, and creating sustainable value chains. This demonstrates how generative AI can be applied not only to enhance productivity but also to drive positive environmental change.

These highlights showcase the diverse applications of generative AI in different industries and underscore its potential impact on sustainability efforts. By harnessing this advanced technology, businesses can optimize processes, streamline operations, and make significant strides toward a more sustainable future.

To learn more about these topics discussed at Community Summit 2023 and delve deeper into the implications of generative AI and sustainability, check out the full article on our website: “On Location at Community Summit 2023: Generative AI and Sustainability Highlights.” We provide comprehensive insights into the latest developments in this exciting field.

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