Published on January 7, 2024, 4:20 pm

Ge Profile’S Smart Indoor Smoker: The Convenient Way To Enjoy Smoked Foods At Home

Our team of expert staff goes above and beyond to carefully choose and test the products we cover. If you make a purchase through our links, we may receive a commission. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the latest innovation in kitchen appliances: GE Profile’s Smart Indoor Smoker.

Gone are the days when smoking brisket, salmon, chicken, or ribs required an outdoor smoking section. With GE Profile’s Smart Indoor Smoker, you can now enjoy the delicious flavors of smoked foods right from the comfort of your kitchen. This countertop cooker is small enough to fit on your kitchen counter and doesn’t fill your home with billowing smoke fumes.

We had the opportunity to see this indoor smoker in action at an exclusive preview event in New York ahead of CES 2024. The results were impressive. The smoker cooked various types of meats using wood pellets as fuel, creating just a few swirls of visible smoke inside without releasing any plumes. The brisket that emerged from the chamber was perfectly tender with a beautiful crust and a hearty smoke flavor.

What sets GE Profile’s Smart Indoor Smoker apart is its smart features and remote app control. You can precisely control and monitor smoking sessions from your device, and the smoker even offers suggested cooking times and temperatures. Over time, it learns your preferences to fine-tune the process. Plus, a built-in probe helps prevent over or undercooking.

Unlike traditional smokers and pellet grills, this indoor smoker uses an advanced catalyst converter to filter wood-pellet smoke. This allows heat and smoke-flavored hot air to cook food while adding flavor without any significant amount of smoke escaping. And don’t worry about cleaning or replacing filters – there are none!

With custom control over temperature and smoke intensity, you can achieve precision cooking with this innovative appliance. And after each cooking cycle is complete, only a faint smell of smoky goodness remains.

The GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker is now available for $1,000 at select national retailers like Best Buy and Williams Sonoma. It gained attention and raised over $800,000 in funding during an online crowdfunding campaign in 2022.

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Experience the convenience and flavor of smoked foods right in your kitchen with GE Profile’s Smart Indoor Smoker.


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