Published on November 8, 2023, 4:03 pm

Observability has become a popular topic among IT professionals, as it involves monitoring a company’s systems to identify issues and find the root cause of problems that may arise. Startups and established companies are constantly working towards solving this problem, but Flip AI has approached it in a unique way. The early-stage startup has developed its own large language model specifically designed to tackle the monitoring challenge.

Recently, Flip AI announced that its product is now generally available, along with an undisclosed $6.5 million seed investment. CEO and co-founder Corey Harrison explains that despite the availability of various tools, many companies still rely on manual processes to track data between systems. Recognizing this opportunity, Harrison and his co-founders, CTO Sunil Mallya and CPO Deap Ubhi, sought to leverage intelligence and automation to accelerate the time it takes to resolve issues.

According to Harrison, large enterprises often struggle with troubleshooting incidents because they use multiple tools and store data in different systems. This makes it difficult to identify the cause of a problem without extensive manual querying. To address this challenge, Flip AI developed its own large language model trained on DevOps data that includes logs, metrics, trace data, configuration files, and more. By analyzing data across systems, their tool can generate a root cause analysis in less than a minute or even just a few seconds.

Harrison acknowledges that no model can be perfect all the time; however, they provide transparency by showing how the model arrived at its conclusion. Developers can review the work done by the model even if the root cause analysis is not 100% accurate. “So even if in the end the root cause analysis is not 100% correct, we’ve already localized the error,” Harrison says.

Creating their own Large Language Model (LLM) is a ambitious endeavor for Flip AI. However, both Mallya and Ubhi have valuable experience from Amazon where Mallya led Amazon Comprehend, the company’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) service. Ubhi was previously a director of product management at Amazon. Harrison also brings a strong technical background to the team, having previously worked as SVP of Operations and Chief of Staff to the NFL Commissioner.

With 20 employees split between San Francisco and Bangalore, India, Flip AI is working diligently to balance customer demand with strategic growth. Harrison recognizes the lack of diversity in the tech industry and is committed to ensuring that Flip AI embraces greater diversity, given his own experiences and the support he’s received throughout his career.

The $6.5 million seed investment came from Factory, with participation from Morgan Stanley Next Level Fund and GTM Capital. As Flip AI continues its journey, it aims to revolutionize observability in IT through its unique approach and commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the field.


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