Published on December 13, 2023, 10:26 am

Bayer and Celonis have engaged in a conversation with Tom Smith from Acceleration Economy’s AI Ecosystem Course. Let’s delve into the key highlights of their discussion.

Firstly, Bayer started utilizing Celonis process mining in 2012 with a distributed setup. However, in 2022, they transitioned to a central setup. This shift resulted in a significant increase in users—from 300 to over 2,700 today—according to Timo Peters from Bayer.

Bayer is now exploring opportunities beyond use cases like source-to-pay. They believe that generative AI has the potential to provide valuable insights and understanding by simplifying the use of process mining. Chris Monkman from Celonis cites how people can find easier ways to leverage generative AI.

Celonis has taken an innovative approach by incorporating natural language capabilities into its process mining platform called Process Copilot. Monkman explains that this feature benefits both business users who may not have query structuring skills and expert analysts by making their jobs more manageable.

Looking ahead, Bayer intends to collaborate with the Celonis product team for its initial implementation of generative AI, focusing on the source-to-pay area. Their goals include optimizing internal processes, improving customer engagement and service, and gaining quicker insights. Peters emphasizes that being customer-centric is crucial and states that it’s never too early to adopt generative AI.

Peters highlights the significance of leveraging internal team knowledge alongside Celonis during the process mining deployment. He believes that incorporating company-specific expertise is essential for driving value from the product.

Monkman introduces another intriguing development: the Process Intelligence Graph. This graph combines Celonis’ Object Centric Data Model with processes and data extracted from source systems. The implementation is customized based on each business’s unique requirements—an ecosystem strategy enabling an AI-powered enablement layer at its core.

In conclusion, the conversation between Bayer and Celonis sheds light on their joint exploration of generative AI and process mining. Both companies recognize the game-changing potential of this combination within the AI ecosystem.

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