Published on January 11, 2024, 1:14 pm

Exploring The Possibilities: Publicis Groupe’S Use Of Ai-Generated Video For Internal Communications

Publicis Groupe, the French parent company of advertising agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Epsilon, has explored the possibilities of AI-generated video with its annual ‘Wishes’ film. While AI-generated video is not yet ready to replace traditional filming techniques for commercials or films, it has found use in other areas, including internal communications.

Publicis Groupe used a variety of AI tools to create unique and personalized video ‘thank you’ messages for its 100,000 global staff. These videos feature CEO Arthur Sadoun and are delivered in each staffer’s local language. The project served as a proof-of-concept for the company, driven by a desire to celebrate Publicis’s positive commercial performance last year.

The films employ AI video, text, audio, and editing tools to create 100,000 versions tailored to each individual staff member. In addition to Sadoun, other senior executives from Publicis Groupe also make appearances in the videos. The project showcases how generative AI video tools can be used at scale and provides valuable insights for future client work.

To personalize each message, information from Publicis’s internal staff operating system was fed into the machine creating the videos. This allowed them to align with each staff member’s passion points and skillsets while maintaining a comedic angle.

While the project wasn’t perfect and faced challenges such as translating jokes consistently into generative video, it demonstrated the potential of AI production tools in large-scale projects. Led by Andy Bird, chief creative officer at creative shop Le Truc, this internal project took risks that will help develop faster and more efficient use of AI technology in future client work.

The team behind the project spent about as much on creating these films as they would on previous shoots for internal communications. Though there were limitations during production due to the scale of the project, elements like style and typography were personalized using Runway—an AI tool—and remained consistent across all versions.

According to Carla Serrano, Publicis Groupe’s chief strategist, the executives had to record approximately an hour of spoken audio to accurately reproduce their voices using the AI technology. The project not only highlights Publicis’s achievements but also signals a learning curve for the industry as AI continues to evolve.

While AI-generated video is still in its early stages, projects like this pave the way for future advancements and open doors for creative possibilities. As technology progresses, we can expect more innovative applications of generative AI in various fields, including marketing and advertising.


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