Published on January 24, 2024, 8:09 am

CIO Dive Reports: Kraft Heinz Explores the Benefits of Generative AI for Business Operations

Kraft Heinz, a leading food and beverage company, is venturing into the world of generative AI to enhance its business operations. The company’s data scientists are currently in the early stages of testing this cutting-edge technology, utilizing Microsoft Azure OpenAI and internal data to develop a powerful tool.

The adoption of generative AI aims to provide real-time data-driven insights to employees at Kraft Heinz. The ability to boost employee efficiency and eliminate tedious tasks holds immense appeal for both tech leaders and employees alike. In fact, an Insight Enterprises survey revealed that nearly 75% of workers use generative AI tools for data analysis and visualization.

David McCurdy, Chief Enterprise Architect and CTO at Insight Enterprises, highlights the advantages of such technologies by stating, “Anytime you can make people more productive and solve problems right away without having to go get a data scientist or some type of tech person, it’s better for the organization as a whole because those experts can now focus on the next big thing.”

To delve deeper into generative AI adoption, Kraft Heinz’s data scientists are employing a combination of Microsoft Azure OpenAI tools, internal data sets, proprietary AI models, recommendation systems, and risk classification systems. Although still in the testing phase with no definitive timeline for full implementation, Kraft Heinz joins an ever-growing group of enterprises exploring how generative AI can benefit their business operations. According to an October Gartner survey, over 40% of executives stated that their organizations are currently piloting generative AI projects, while an additional 10% have entered the production stage.

As businesses navigate volatile market conditions and evaluate their technological strategies moving forward, technology executives—particularly CIOs—have a busy year ahead. Companies are increasingly relying on CIOs to leverage generative AI in order to drive innovation and gain a competitive edge. Achieving this task requires customized strategies and the implementation of necessary guardrails.

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