Published on November 9, 2023, 5:33 am

Equinix, a global leader in data centers and interconnection solutions, has announced its plans to construct a cutting-edge international business exchange (IBX) data center in Jakarta. This state-of-the-art facility is estimated to be valued at around US$74 million and will serve as a crucial hub for Indonesian enterprises and multinational corporations (MNCs) seeking robust interconnect infrastructure to drive their businesses forward.

Scheduled to open by the second half of 2024, this eight-storey data center will be strategically located in Jakarta’s bustling Central Business District. Once fully built, it is expected to feature over 1,600 cabinets and more than 5,300 square meters of colocation space. This expansion aligns with the Indonesian government’s digital transformation initiatives and supports the country’s objectives outlined in the Indonesia Digital Roadmap 2021–2024.

According to Jeremy Deutsch, Equinix’s President for Asia-Pacific, the forthcoming IBX data center in Jakarta represents an exciting addition to Equinix’s extensive network of interconnected data centers worldwide. Deutsch emphasizes the strategic importance of entering this high-growth market in Indonesia, stating that it will enable Equinix to provide digital infrastructure that empowers local businesses to seize growth opportunities globally. Additionally, it will facilitate global organizations’ access to Indonesia’s expanding digital economy. Deutsch expresses enthusiasm about collaborating closely with local authorities, network providers, and industry players to unleash Indonesia’s vast digital potential.

Indonesia has witnessed rapid business digitalization alongside its population’s substantial digital literacy skills. As a result, it has emerged as the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia in terms of value and is poised to become a key regional interconnection hub. Major cloud service providers like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud have responded by launching cloud regions within Indonesia. Consequently, the country is projected to become Southeast Asia’s second-largest public cloud market.

These trends underscore the importance of increased digital services and data center capacity in Indonesia. Recognizing this, Equinix is committed to incorporating sustainability into the design of its new IBX data center. By leveraging innovative technologies such as cooling arrays, Equinix aims to support economic and environmental goals for organizations in Indonesia. This commitment aligns with Equinix’s Future First strategy, which prioritizes sustainable practices in greening the digital economy.

Platform Equinix currently operates across 32 countries globally, and the upcoming Jakarta data center will serve as a vital conduit for local and global enterprises, cloud & IT service providers, and network service providers. In recent news, Equinix has also announced substantial investments in Asia-Pacific region, including an over US$86 million investment for a third IBX data center in Mumbai and over $64 million for its first IBX data center in Chennai.

With a worldwide presence spanning 248 data centers across 71 metros and 32 countries, Platform Equinix plays a pivotal role in providing digital infrastructure to over 10,000 leading businesses globally. Impressively, more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Equinix’s solutions. In the Asia-Pacific region alone, Equinix boasts 51 data centers strategically located in key metros across Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

Equinix’s ambitious plans to establish a prominent IBX data center in Jakarta underscore their commitment to empowering businesses with robust interconnect infrastructure. As Indonesia continues to solidify its position as Southeast Asia’s largest digital marketplace, this venture will contribute significantly to supporting the country’s ongoing digital transformation journey.

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