Published on January 31, 2024, 9:43 am

Enhancing Smartphone User Experience With Generative Ai: Introducing Circle To Search

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an integral part of smartphones for several years now. It initially offered features like optimizing photos and transcribing voice recordings. However, we have now transitioned to a new era of generative AI, where machine learning algorithms can create new content or provide fresh information based on user input.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series and Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones are equipped with generative AI capabilities. Initially, these features focused on photo editing and live translations. While I personally don’t find much use in editing photos extensively or relying on translation apps for everyday conversation, there is one AI feature that caught my attention – Circle to Search.

Circle to Search is a collaborative effort between Samsung and Google, available specifically on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. By simply holding down the home button, users can activate an overlay that allows them to circle objects or people on the screen using their fingertip or an S Pen for enhanced precision. The AI-powered search then identifies the circled subject and provides relevant search results or related information.

For instance, if you circled a photo of someone’s shoes, Circle to Search aims to show you details about those shoes or at least provide information about the brand of footwear. In a TikTok video shared below the article, Circle to Search demonstrates its accuracy by delivering solid results for various objects that were circled.

In addition to object recognition, Circle to Search also surprises users with its ability to identify specific clothing items. TechRadar’s audio expert, Becky Scarrott, tested the feature and received accurate results regarding the dress she was wearing or dresses with similar designs and patterns. However, it’s important to note that Circle to Search prioritizes privacy by not recognizing specific individuals in photos—a responsible decision made by Samsung and Google.

While image recognition has been available through features like Google Lens, Circle to Search takes it a step further with better precision and improved search results. This AI tool is not only easy to use but also highly practical, providing effective information for users.

Circle to Search is available on multiple Samsung Galaxy models, including the S24 and S24 Plus, and will soon be introduced to Pixel phones as well. Users won’t have to splurge on the expensive Galaxy S24 Ultra to experience this useful feature. (To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, check out our in-depth review.)

As we venture further into the world of generative AI, it’s my hope that these tools will focus on enhancing the average person’s experience rather than being utilized solely by a select group of individuals in the tech industry. Circle to Search represents an exciting advancement in AI technology—engaging, practical, and tailored specifically for smartphones.

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