Published on February 14, 2024, 1:26 pm

Enhancing Productivity And Efficiency: Slack Unveils New Generative Ai Features For Streamlining Workflows

Slack, the popular messaging application, has recently unveiled its new generative AI features aimed at enhancing workers’ productivity. These AI capabilities focus on consolidating messages and providing smart search functionalities. The introduction of Slack summaries allows IT and cybersecurity professionals to have a quick overview of incident reports or tickets before delving into individual incidents.

Additionally, Slack has announced upcoming personalized channel summarization across multiple channels and integration with Salesforce Einstein Copilot. These new features have the potential to significantly boost productivity by saving time and automatically organizing information, according to Slack.

The three AI features introduced by Slack, starting from February 14th, are powered by a proprietary large language model integrated within the platform. It is important to note that customer data remains siloed and is not used to train other models.

Jackie Rocca, Vice President of Product at Slack, emphasized how these AI features can drive ROI for organizations. She explained that these tools not only save time through features like channel summaries and search but also equip users with better insights for making informed decisions. With access to real-time knowledge within their organization, users can ask questions and prepare more effectively for their tasks without spending excessive time piecing together information like digital detectives.

In addition to these AI enhancements, Slack has also introduced AI-powered apps developed by partners like Notion in the Slack App Directory.

It’s worth mentioning that the Slack AI add-on is part of the Enterprise Grid subscription and organizations interested in its pricing should contact their assigned sales representatives. Further details regarding pricing for non-Enterprise Grid plans will be made available in due course.

Currently, Slack AI is only available in U.S. and UK English; however, there are plans to expand its support for languages other than English at a later date.

While no specific timeline was provided for future AI feature releases, Slack has outlined plans for personalized digests with channel summaries that an employee may not actively follow but still wants to keep an eye on. Additionally, more AI-powered app integrations from Slack’s partner ecosystem are also in the works.

Among these integrations is Einstein Copilot, a generative AI assistant for Salesforce CRM. Users will be able to securely access customer data shared with Salesforce CRM and receive answers to their questions directly within Slack.

It is worth noting that while Slack is a prominent player in the market, there are other alternatives available such as Microsoft Teams, Google’s Chat, ClickUp, Rocket.Chat, and Mattermost. Each of these platforms offers its own set of AI features to meet users’ collaboration needs.

In conclusion, Slack’s rollout of generative AI search and summarization features demonstrates its commitment to enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows for businesses. With personalized channel summaries, advanced search capabilities, and integration with popular apps like Salesforce CRM’s Einstein Copilot, users can expect improved efficiency and better utilization of their organization’s knowledge resources. As Slack continues to innovate and expand its AI capabilities, it remains a strong contender in the competitive landscape of collaboration tools.


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