Published on November 8, 2023, 10:48 pm

Hong Kong-based beauty product retailer Sa Sa has taken a step towards enhancing customer experiences with the implementation of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform. This platform allows for a personalized online-merge-offline (OMO) experience, improving interactions at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Sa Sa, established in 1978, has been actively building its infrastructure and processes to provide customers with a seamless OMO experience across physical stores and online platforms globally. By leveraging SAP Emarsys e-Commerce solutions, the company can offer intuitive and relevant online experiences to its customers.

As a one-stop beauty product specialty store, Sa Sa offers a diverse range of quality products from over 600 brands such as skincare, fragrance, make-up, hair care, body care products, health & fitness products, and beauty gadgets. With more than 180 retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau, Mainland China, and Malaysia along with multiple online platforms, Sa Sa aims to meet the varied needs of its customers.

Director of eCommerce at Sa Sa International Holdings, Hong Li stated that their focus is on understanding and meeting customer expectations. Real-time visibility into customer data throughout the entire customer lifecycle journey is crucial for achieving this. With SAP Emarsys e-Commerce solutions in place, Sa Sa’s data analysis capabilities continue to improve. This improvement enables them to discover the most effective ways to engage with and retain customers using data-driven customer programs.

By implementing SAP Emarsys e-Commerce, Sa Sa enhances its ability to optimize both acquisition and retention strategies for customer loyalty. The solution enables the collection and analysis of data from various consumer demographics in real-time. These insights allow Sa Sa to curate appropriate online product portfolios and offer tailored loyalty programs such as rewards points and cash-back incentives based on different customer groups.

Besides personalization and targeted marketing initiatives , SAP Emarsys e-Commerce also helps strengthen activation programs through marketing automation. It assists Sa Sa in creating campaigns that are driven by sophisticated insights and generate real business outcomes.

At the core of Sa Sa’s implementation are three key modules of SAP Emarsys e-Commerce: Smart Insight, Web Extend, and Email Recommender.

Smart Insight enables systematic customer segmentation for intelligent retention marketing. It provides detailed insights into a customer’s purchase preferences and lifecycle journey, enabling automated offers of relevant product promotions at the right time. This allows Sa Sa to monitor engagement with different customer segments and ensure value is delivered both to customers and the business.

Web Extend is a data collection solution that tracks interactions on as well as email campaign results. The data collected is integrated with validated product and sales information while respecting privacy policies. This integration optimizes customer engagement across multiple touchpoints.

Emarsys Email Recommender enhances Sa Sa’s email marketing campaigns by adding dynamic product images and information to automated messages at scale. Real-time rendering ensures customers receive up-to-date and personalized product recommendations, whether it be following up an abandoned cart or suggesting best sellers and special offers to tempt browsers to purchase.

Managing Director of SAP Hong Kong, Esmond Tong, stated that today’s retail environment is complex and highly competitive due to evolving technologies and customer behavior. He emphasized that SAP Emarsys provides a single, integrated platform for market leaders like Sa Sa to build, execute, and scale real-time marketing campaigns. Using this platform enables Sa Sa to grow its customer lifetime value through personalized omnichannel interactions that are intelligent and compelling.

The implementation of the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform showcases Sa Sa’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to its customers in an increasingly digital world. With the seamless integration of technology across their operations, including personalized online experiences, data analysis capabilities continue to improve for more efficient customer engagement strategies.

Sa Sa seeks continuous improvement in its ability to connect with customers effectively based on their needs, preferences, and behaviors throughout their purchasing journey. By focusing on personalized experiences, Sa Sa aims to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction as it adapts to the changing landscape of the beauty product retail industry.

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