Published on November 16, 2023, 8:25 pm

Digital Edge, a Singaporean company, and Hulic, a Japanese real estate developer, have recently announced their collaboration to construct a carrier-neutral data center facility in downtown Tokyo. This joint project, named TYO7, aims to address the increasing demand for interconnect-focused colocation capacity in one of the world’s largest data center markets.

TYO7 is an essential step for Digital Edge as it establishes its platform across the Asia Pacific region. Samuel Lee, CEO of Digital Edge, highlights the significance of this strategic project in expanding their regional presence and building a thriving digital ecosystem in Asia. This collaboration with Hulic leverages their local market knowledge and Digital Edge’s expertise in providing much-needed digital infrastructure capacity at the heart of Tokyo.

The Tokyo data center market is currently valued at USD $2.2 billion (as of 2021), but its growth potential is limited by a scarcity of available land for further development. The demand for retail colocation space located centrally within the dense downtown area of Tokyo is particularly high among network, cloud, and enterprise customers.

Hulic sees this venture into the data center market as an exciting opportunity to contribute to Tokyo’s fast-growing industry. Tadashi Nakajima, senior executive managing officer at Hulic, expresses optimism about partnering with Digital Edge and establishing a foothold in this sector while providing essential services that meet customer needs.

TYO7 will cater to these unmet demands by enhancing the Digital Edge ecosystem in Tokyo. Strategically situated only 1 km from Otemachi (the central network hub) and less than 300m away from Digital Edge’s existing TYO2 site (known as ComSpace I), TYO7 will offer customers various options to access Digital Edge’s virtual Tokyo campus along with other key data centers in the metro.

Kei Furuta, president & chief revenue officer at Digital Edge, mentions that TYO7 will be their ninth data center in Japan, adding depth to their existing platform. This new facility will offer high-quality colocation and interconnection options to customers in downtown Tokyo while complementing Digital Edge’s other data centers that serve enterprise, hyperscale, and high power density applications.

TYO7’s location in the Nihonbashi-Kobuna-cho district positions it advantageously for domestic and international carriers, as well as major enterprise customers seeking to expand their network and IT infrastructure in the metro. It also serves as a natural extension for existing TYO2 customers. The dark fiber-rich area near the financial district further enhances its appeal.

With the project under the Digital Edge brand name, TYO7 is expected to be ready for service by early 2025. This data center will contribute significantly to the development of Japan’s vital digital infrastructure by catering to the growing demand for reliable and efficient colocation and interconnection services.

In summary, Digital Edge and Hulic’s collaboration will bring forth TYO7, a carrier-neutral data center facility that meets the increasing demand for interconnect-focused colocation services in downtown Tokyo. This project reflects both companies’ commitment to providing high-quality digital infrastructure solutions and ensuring a thriving digital ecosystem in Japan’s capital city.


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