Published on October 24, 2023, 1:34 pm

Datagpt Introduces Conversational Data Analyst Powered By Ai

TLDR: DataGPT, a startup specializing in generative AI, has introduced the industry's first conversational data analyst powered by AI technology. The platform combines generative AI with advanced analytics techniques, allowing smaller businesses to access sophisticated analysis. It proactively uncovers insights through natural language questions in a chat interface and utilizes generative AI to provide relevant answers almost instantaneously. The software empowers employees by enabling direct interactions with data, democratizing access to advanced analysis tools and saving valuable time for data teams. Early adopters have praised its capabilities for providing instant insights and facilitating informed decision-making.

DataGPT, a startup specializing in generative AI, has introduced the industry’s first conversational data analyst powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This innovative platform combines the creative capabilities of generative AI with advanced analytics techniques to make sophisticated analysis more accessible and beneficial for smaller businesses.

The current landscape reveals that many businesses struggle to effectively analyze their data. While existing business intelligence (BI) tools have limitations due to a lack of iterative querying, DataGPT aims to address this issue by integrating conversational AI with its proprietary database and advanced data analytics techniques. The result is a platform that proactively uncovers insights for users through natural language questions in a chat window interface.

The startup’s proprietary database, which will be made open-source in the near future, boasts impressive performance metrics. It is 90 times faster than traditional databases, significantly reducing analysis costs and enabling queries that are 60 times faster than conventional tools. When users pose a question, the platform utilizes generative AI to execute millions of queries almost instantaneously, providing relevant insights and answers.

DataGPT’s conversational AI analyst is trained on a large language model capable of comprehending human speech ambiguities and identifying the most relevant data elements for users. It can generate text-based responses as well as visualizations to enhance users’ understanding of the discovered insights.

Arina Curtis, co-founder and Chief Executive of DataGPT, explains that their software empowers employees by enabling direct interactions with data. By bridging the gap between rigid reports and informed decision-making, DataGPT facilitates instant delivery of analyst-grade results while ensuring a seamless user experience.

This groundbreaking solution allows everyday business users to leverage skilled analysis capabilities like never before. By democratizing access to advanced data analysis tools, DataGPT helps organizations establish a more data-driven culture and saves valuable time for data teams—freeing up approximately 500 hours each quarter for higher-yield projects.

While DataGPT is not the only player in the field, early adopters are impressed by its capabilities. Michelle Bellettiere, head of data analytics at video streaming provider Plex GmbH, praises DataGPT for providing instant insights to every team and user. The platform’s efficiency allows them to understand daily performance within minutes rather than hours.

DataGPT’s conversational AI-powered data analyst represents a significant step forward in equipping employees with the tools necessary to derive valuable insights from their business data. This technology seeks to transform every employee into a skilled business analyst, facilitating informed decision-making and driving overall organizational success.


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