Published on November 16, 2023, 9:43 pm

Cyber Security and Cloud Expo is just around the corner, set to take place at Olympia London in three weeks’ time. This highly anticipated event brings together industry leaders and innovators in the fields of cyber security and cloud technology, offering professionals a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends, connect with experts, and build valuable relationships.

The expo has established itself as a pivotal event in the tech industry, focusing on critical topics such as Zero Trust, Threat Detection & Response, Training, Talent & Culture, Identity & Access Management, Application Security, and Data Security. As technology continues to evolve rapidly and the need for robust cyber security measures grows stronger than ever, this expo serves as a platform for experts to come together, collaborate, share insights, and forge business-critical connections.

This year’s event boasts an impressive lineup of speakers. With 150 speakers representing influential businesses like Amazon, eBay, Bank of England, Currys, LSEG, Aon, JP Morgan & Chase, Tesco, Santander, and many more renowned companies. These thought leaders will share their experiences, strategies, and insights during the event.

The benefits of attending this expo are countless. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge base or create new connections within the industry or want to stay updated on the latest trends and solutions in cyber security and cloud technology arena -this expo offers a rich ecosystem of opportunities. It is an ideal setting for businesses and professionals who want to safeguard their operations using cloud technologies while staying resilient against evolving cyber security threats.

In addition to the remarkable speaker lineup that awaits attendees at Cyber Security and Cloud Expo Global., numerous exhibitors including Puppet., Ontinue., Ultima., Tenable., Enclave,. are eager to engage with visitors by discussing collaborations possibilities., presenting new technologies and showcasing innovative solutions that cater directly to industry demands.

Moreover,, beyond its main focus on cyber security and cloud technology,,the Cyber Security and Cloud Expo Global is also part of a larger event that includes co-located expos covering a plethora of transformative technologies. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore IoT,, Blockchain,, AI & Big Data,, Digital Transformation,, Edge Computing.. and, most recently, the Intelligent Automaton Track,. This holistic approach ensures that visitors remain informed and at the forefront of emerging tech trends.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional event. Secure your place at Cyber Security and Cloud Expo now to stay ahead in cyber security and cloud technology innovation. Be part of the conversation that shapes the future of technology security. Register today to discover all the exciting expos, exhibitors, and further details on our TechEx Global website.

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