Published on October 30, 2023, 11:36 am

TLDR: Creatio has released their latest version, Creatio 8.1 Quantum, which includes several new features for their no-code CRM platform. The update features a quantum architecture that allows users to combine components and apps without technical skills to create workflows in marketing, sales, and service. It also includes generative AI integration through OpenAI, enabling users to create new apps with AI-generated responses. Additionally, the release offers a comprehensive no-code governance application for automation of the governance cycle.

In episode 116 of the Acceleration Economy Minute, I share an update on the latest no-code CRM innovations from Creatio, a company on our Top 10 List of AI/Hyperautomation Enablers.


– The company’s new Creatio 8.1 Quantum features five core innovations:
– A quantum architecture
– New composable apps for CRM
– Over 100 ready-to-use components
– Generative AI integration
– A comprehensive no-code governance application

The quantum architecture is made up of various components, blocks, and apps that users with no technical skills can combine to create workflows quickly and easily in marketing, sales, and service. This gives users more freedom to innovate and specialize.

Users can also benefit from generative AI integration by creating new apps via OpenAI, a built-in AI assistant that enables generative AI-enabled responses. In addition, the new governance apps provide automation of the governance cycle.

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