Published on February 6, 2024, 6:26 am

Cisco Launches Motific: Accelerating Generative Ai Integration And Deployment

Cisco has announced the launch of its first SaaS product, Motific, which aims to accelerate the integration and deployment of generative AI tools. The new tool was developed through Cisco’s incubation business, Outshift, and was unveiled at the Cisco Live 2024 conference in Amsterdam.

Motific is designed to provide organizations with a “central view” of their entire generative AI journey. It enables IT and security teams to deliver capabilities while maintaining control over sensitive data, security measures, costs, and responsible use. The platform is expected to reach general availability by June 2024 and will help enterprises explore the use of generative AI tools more efficiently.

The motivation behind Motific stems from customer feedback on the challenges and costs associated with generative AI deployments. According to Cisco, 97% of companies expressed an enterprise-wide urgency to deploy AI-powered technology since late 2022. One major challenge reported by customers was tailoring applications and solutions based on internal knowledge bases and data sources for specific use cases.

Vijoy Pandey, Senior Vice President at Outshift by Cisco, highlighted that Cisco is rapidly expanding its product offerings in the Generative AI space to meet the increasing demands of enterprises regarding artificial intelligence and security compliance.

Motific aims to reduce deployment times from months to days, enabling customers to deploy generative AI faster and more effectively. The SaaS product offers compliance controls to monitor usage, prevent overspending, and integrate organization-specific data sources. With just a few clicks, Motific can automatically configure assistants, APIs, and other features while ensuring optimal accuracy, cost management, security, and access control.

In addition to speed and efficiency gains in deployment processes, Motific also addresses risk reduction and responsible use. The platform provides built-in policy controls that organizations can customize according to their internal policies. These controls include deterring shadow AI usage by offering visibility into unapproved third-party generative AI capabilities.

Motific also assists IT administrators in providing compliant alternatives while safeguarding against sensitive data exposure, security risks such as prompt injection and access controls, and trust-related risks such as toxicity and hallucinations.

Another important feature provided by Motific is the ability to track return on investment (ROI). This will help organizations optimize their costs and address concerns about generative AI deployment becoming a significant financial challenge. Research has indicated that costly deployments could hinder enterprises from fully leveraging the potential of generative AI technology.

Overall, Cisco’s Motific aims to simplify and streamline the integration and deployment of generative AI tools. By offering a comprehensive view of an organization’s generative AI journey, it enables more efficient utilization of resources while maintaining control over data, costs, security, and responsible use. This SaaS product is expected to be available for general use by June 2024.


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