Published on November 9, 2023, 6:16 am

Check Point Software recently announced its prevention-first strategy with the launch of its Horizon solution. This comprehensive solution combines advanced AI technology with a team of real human experts behind their Managed and Detection Response (MDR) service.

Dan Wiley, the head of threat management and chief security advisor at Check Point, highlighted that Horizon’s success lies in its unique combination of preventative tools, top industry analysts, research experts, and innovative AI. He emphasized that this unified solution improves cyber defenses by preventing attacks while reducing overhead costs.

The new Check Point Horizon offers proactive management solutions for Managed Prevention and Response (MDR/MPR), Extended Prevention and Response (XDR/XPR), and Events. It is already supporting 120 active customers globally.

Craig Robinson, IDC’s research vice president for security services, praised Check Point Horizon’s prevention-first strategy as a game-changer in the crowded MDR market. Unlike many existing MDR solutions that focus solely on detection and incident management, Check Point prioritizes incident prevention.

The Mid-Year Report from Check Point revealed a 42% global increase in cyberattacks, with ransomware becoming the number one threat to businesses. Security teams face challenges in timely breach response due to overwhelming alerts from multiple disjointed tools. Additionally, a shortage of cybersecurity skills exacerbates these issues.

To address these concerns, organizations need 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring capabilities provided by a security operations center (SOC). However, setting up and maintaining an effective SOC can be complex and expensive for many companies. Traditional SOC models primarily focus on detecting and responding to attacks rather than preventing them.

Check Point addresses these challenges with their Horizon MDR/MPR service by leveraging the expertise of their Incident Response team who handles thousands of incidents each year. If organizations lack the resources to run their own SOC, Check Point can provide solid 24/7 monitoring services on their behalf.

The Check Point Horizon XDR/XPR solution enhances security operations by swiftly detecting, investigating, and automating responses to attacks across the entire IT infrastructure. This solution uses AI technologies and big data threat intelligence gathered from millions of sensors worldwide to identify and prevent threats.

Check Point Horizon MDR/MPR is a prevention-first MDR service that offers a powerful SOC-as-a-Service. Backed by Check Point’s elite experts, this service monitors the entire security estate round the clock, regardless of the products or solutions in place. The analysts leverage their extensive Incident Response experience to analyze, correlate, and understand security incidents. They respond on behalf of customers and provide recommendations to foster a prevention mindset.

Horizon Events provides comprehensive event visibility across all Check Point products for efficient monitoring, search, and threat hunting. It simplifies investigation and troubleshooting of security incidents with its intuitive cloud-based SaaS solution.

Check Point Horizon adopts a prevention-first approach to security operations, empowering SOC teams with the tools and services necessary to detect and prevent attacks in real-time using fewer resources. With this strategy, organizations can significantly enhance their cyber defenses.

To read more about Check Point’s prevention-first approach to security operations, please visit FutureCIO.


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