Published on November 16, 2023, 7:41 pm

In this interview for the Road to Celosphere series, I had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Rinke, co-CEO and co-founder of Celonis. We discussed the latest developments in process mining, AI integration, and more ahead of the upcoming Celosphere customer conference in Munich.

One of the highlights of Celosphere is the chance for Rinke to interact with customers and participate in over 100 sessions. Notable names such as Allianz, BMW, IKEA, Huntsman, and the Technical University of Munich will be attending the event.

Processes play a vital role in organizations, as highlighted by a recent survey of 1,200 business leaders where over 80% emphasized their importance. With changes in macroeconomics, supply chain dynamics, and interest rates, leaders are now prioritizing processes to build sustainable businesses.

There is also increasing recognition of the significance of processes when implementing new technologies. Organizations are seeking ways to optimize their systems by leveraging cloud technology, modernizing their infrastructure, implementing digital workflows, and incorporating generative AI. Consequently, process optimization becomes an essential part of any system transformation.

Looking back a few years ago when automation efforts were often focused on smaller aspects within organizations, today’s mindset has shifted. Businesses now view process evolution as a holistic approach to improving overall performance.

Celonis is excited about two specific advancements related to AI at Celosphere. Firstly, they will be introducing more generative AI capabilities into their product experience. Secondly, they emphasize that AI must be connected with processes to create value. Celonis enables this connection by providing AI that understands how businesses operate effectively. Attendees can expect exciting use cases and customer stories demonstrating this at Celosphere.

This year marks an important milestone for Celonis as they host a dedicated partner day before the official start of the event. This initiative aims to bring together leading system integrators (SIs), consulting organizations, regional SIs (RSIs), partners, and technology allies.

The Game Changer Awards will also be an essential part of Celosphere. These awards recognize individuals who embrace change and strive for positive transformation within their organizations. Celonis believes that with the power of their technology and partnerships, they can turn the changemakers into game changers. The awards span three categories: innovation, excellence, and community inspiration.

Celosphere promises to be bigger than ever, offering a wealth of product innovation, customer inspiration, peer-to-peer exchange, and partner presentations.

To learn more about Alex Rinke’s insights on AI, process mining, and game changers at Celonis, check out the full interview in the post [here](


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