Published on December 14, 2023, 11:18 am

Emerging Tech: The Future of State, Local & Higher ED IT – A StateScoop and EdScoop Special Report

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, the role of chief information officers (CIOs) in government organizations is more important than ever. In Colorado, David Edinger has been selected as the statewide CIO, bringing with him a focus on people and processes to propel technology efforts forward.

With nearly 16 years of experience in the tech field, Edinger has climbed the ranks from special assistant to the mayor to serving as CIO for the City and County of Denver. Now, in his new role with the state, he aims to build on his previous successes and address key challenges.

One of Edinger’s main goals is to invest in employees and create a work environment where everyone understands the strategy and their role within it. By doing so, he hopes to increase engagement and effectiveness among the workforce. This approach has already proven successful in Denver with Peak Performance, an innovative coaching program that has saved the city over $74 million.

While Colorado’s IT organization may be more mature compared to Denver’s local level, Edinger believes there is always room for improvement. He plans to apply his expertise in innovation and technology by focusing on three pillars: people, process, and technology. By ensuring that all three aspects are considered together, he believes that better outcomes can be achieved.

Another important task on Edinger’s agenda is selecting a new statewide chief information security officer (CISO). With cybersecurity becoming an increasingly critical issue, finding a leader who can manage this area effectively is essential. This individual will not only oversee a talented team but also work towards maturing their skills through performance frameworks and organizational development.

Edinger recognizes that being a CIO at the state level presents different challenges compared to working at the local level. While there may not always be obvious “fires” to put out immediately, he remains committed to finding opportunities for improvement and driving innovation forward.

As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial for government organizations to have leaders like Edinger who prioritize people and processes alongside technological advancements. By investing in employees and creating a culture of innovation, the future of state, local, and higher education IT in Colorado looks promising under the guidance of its new CIO.


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